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For the version of the doll before they have received their Neural Upgrade, see M4A1AR




Ammo hv.png

Speq m4a1.png

Self-Buff FPDebuffs SelfAoE

Buffs AR
Damage +20%
Crit Rate +32%
HP 110 → 113x5
DMG 49 → 50
ACC 48 → 50
EVA 48 → 50
RoF 79 → 80
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 4s
CD: 16s
Damage Focus T: Increase self damage by 75% for 10 seconds
Seal of the Avenger: Current target will be marked with the Seal of the Avenger during Damage Focus' activation. When 3 or less allies are on the field, reduce RoF by 70% and increase damage by 600% (main shot cannot crit), and deal 100% splash damage to enemies within 2.5 of the target and mark all enemies hit with the Seal (Damage Focus T is still active during this period).


  • Insane Firepower buff
  • Ignores Accuracy checks with her cannon mode for main target
  • Extremely unique and vital role that no one else can replace
  • Amazing special equip + stats + skill combo makes her non-cannon DPS insane as well


  • You can only have 1
  • Requires plenty of support in a cannon-focused team
  • Only works when there's 3 or less T-dolls on field
  • RoF penalty can be an issue somtimes


An upgrade befitting the protagonist, M4A1AR's MOD is truly game breaking.

The marking aspect of her mod is pretty simple, it provides pretty neat synergy with ST AR-15ModAR's extra shot and somewhat negligible benefits with M4 SOPMOD IIModAR's. The craziest part of her mod comes from the 2nd aspect, where she goes full Jupiter Cannon on enemies when there's only 3 friendlies on the field, including M4A1ModAR.

The damage increased is multiplied onto the damage buff from Damage Focus T, which is ridiculous. Add on the fact that it can never miss on its main shot, M4A1ModAR becomes a terrifying opponent for all SF scums. However, only the splash is affected by crits and Accuracy check, so do keep that in mind.

A common setup for a M4A1ModAR Cannon team usually includes a RF targetting the backline, while M4A1ModAR decimates the frontline entirely. Depending on what DPS you're pairing M4A1ModAR with, the HG supports will be pretty different. For example, a common IWS 2000RF M4A1ModAR double Jupiter setup includes SAAModHG, M950AHG and Gr Mk23HG (Later on replaced by P22HG) or StechkinHG, depending on which buffs are needed more. Setups with M200RF would swap out M950AHG for a more damage oriented buffing HG, while a setup with Grape could be more RoF focused. You can then retreat 2 of the HG after all their skills procc, then manually activating M4A1ModAR's skill after.

M4A1ModAR's MOD3 armor also unlocks many new farming compositions where she can become both the tank and the DPS. This includes 10-4E and 11-6 setups, where M4A1ModAR sits at the front, taking damage while getting buffed by 2 HGs.

Overall, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be modding M4A1ModAR (unless you're adding restrictions on your playthrough). Giving her a "Highly Recommended" status would be underplaying her unique but frequently used role and all the dynamics she provides with her mod. M4A1ModAR earns herself an "absolute must" for modding. MOD2 will function nicely but MOD3 opens up many farming team options.