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Ammo hv.png


Buffs SMG
Accuracy +50%
Evasion +12%
HP 55 → 110x5
DMG 19 → 50
ACC 7 → 49
EVA 6 → 44
RoF 54 → 78
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 8s
CD: 16s
Anti-Personnel Grenade: Launch a grenade that deals 12x damage to enemies within a 1.5 unit radius


  • Can equip 2 accessories
  • Easily accessible as a story t-doll


  • Has no self-buff to take advantage of her stats
  • High equipment investment
  • Can only be obtained once (3-3)


The AR Team's second member of the AR team, M4 SOPMOD IIAR is a nade AR and one of two ARs who can equip 2 accessories instead of 1, at the cost of the exoskeleton slot.

M4 SOPMOD II excels at clearing hordes of enemies with a devastating grenade. Her excellent offensive stats and double scope advantage gives her better DPS than other naders, especially at night. As a result, she is one of the few ARs capable of dragging 0-2 effectively, and is often a reliable option for other 1AR drags that become available in the future.

As with any nader, M4 SOPMOD IIAR doesn't get to show off her strength in short fights or boss battles, due to her long initial cooldown. Recommended against large hordes of beefy enemies.

○ It is Recommended to run VFL + ITI on M4 SOPMOD IIAR if there is no RoF buff on her and the extra 8 FP isn't needed. Otherwise, use VFL + EOT. (For night battles, run VFL + PEQ instead.)