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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

For the version of the doll before they have received their Neural Upgrade, see M4 SOPMOD IIAR




Speq sopmod.png

Ammo hv.png


Buffs SMG
Accuracy +50%
Evasion +15%
HP 110 → 113x5
DMG 51 → 52
ACC 49 → 51
EVA 44 → 46
RoF 78 → 79
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 30%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 8s
CD: 16s
Anti-Personnel Grenade: Launch a grenade that deals 15x damage to enemies within a 1.5 unit radius
Hysterical Circus: After her grenade detonates, it splits into 3 small grenades (that prioritize targeting enemies marked by M4A1 MOD). Each small grenade deals 190% damage to enemies within a radius of 1 unit, and inflicts 25% additional damage to enemies marked by M4A1ModAR.


  • Excellent base stats with high crit rate and double scopes
  • Powerful cluster nade for greater AoE coverage



Toppest of doggos, M4 SOPMOD IIAR receives a sizeable upgrade to her stats, but most importantly her grenades, making her one of the best grenadier ARs in the game.

Coming from an already high base stats from, M4 SOPMOD IIAR now has 30% base crit rate, a trait previously shared with only AUGAR and Am RFBAR. Her MOD 3 special equipment is also a significant upgrade to an EOT, further improving her stats. If given 190+ affection bonus from oath, M4 SOPMOD IIAR can reach a pre-skill DPS of a weaker self-buffer such as Type95AR, and even higher with map bonuses which she regularly receives as one of the protagonists.

The biggest upgrade to M4 SOPMOD IIAR's kit however is her second skill Hysterical Circus. With this skill, her grenade now splits into 3 smaller ones on impact, dealing additional AoE damage. Most grenadiers that launch a single grenade suffer from the potential aiming difficulties when launching one into a swarm; sometimes it hits spectacularly and wipes out groups of enemies, other times it hits one lone enemy that is far from being a threat. M4 SOPMOD IIAR alleviates this problem by splitting her grenade, finishing off stragglers after the first one even if they are not close to the initial point of impact. Although M4 SOPMOD IIAR is not often used alongside M4A1AR, if you do pair them together, keep in mind that the additional grenades prioritize M4A1AR's target, potentially reducing the explosion coverage as they will all land on the same target.

She is Recommended to upgrade. MOD2 is a stopping point for her to get her cluster nades, and MOD3 is a worthy consideration if you feel the need for more stats from her special equipment and possible her oath bonus.