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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.






Self-Buff Armor

Buffs MG
Damage +18%
HP 132 → 264x5
DMG 13 → 31
ACC 2 → 11
EVA 2 → 10
RoF 21 → 29
Armor 3 → 21
Clip 4
Crit 40%
Speed 6
Initial CD: 10s
CD: 16s
Protection Focus: Increase self armor by 60% for 6s.




It's the better IDWSMG you've always asked for.

M500 is another secondary tank among many secondary tanks SG. With the lack of need for two SGs in EN, it is not a very ideal to run M500 as a single tank as you would have to forfeit one of the two tiles she buffs.

Her stats are fairly decent for a 3★, balancing out between HP and armor. Her tile buff is her strongest point, however she could not capitalize it very well as she cannot go to the maintank position without halving its potential. Protection Focus, while not the worst skill, is still very impractical due to the very long initial CD it comes with. She might as well never activate one.