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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

For the version of the doll after they have received their Neural Upgrade, see M950AModHG




Ammo hp.png


Team RoF Buff

Buffs All
Accuracy +50%
Rate of Fire +30%
HP 38 → 76x5
DMG 11 → 30
ACC 7 → 55
EVA 9 → 68
RoF 49 → 72
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Assault Command: Increase all allies' rate of fire by 25% for 8s.



  • Low base Evasion
  • Awkward tile placement forcing her to be at the front


M950AHG is a HG with unmatched RoF buffs. With a combination of her tiles and skill, she can buff upward 62.5% RoF, enough to bring a T-Doll with 72 RoF to the cap. Other RoF-buffing competitors such as StechkinHG and Five-SeveN cannot surpass her. Her budget version AstraHG is usable for the role, but doesn't perform nearly as well. This makes M950AHG a highly wanted HG.

Due to her incredible RoF buff, she is best paired with RFs who need RoF the most. While she can be paired with ARs, their naturally high RoF often means she may cause them to overcap, wasting her buffing potential.

M950AHG's downside is her tile coverage. Coupled with her low Evasion, this makes her a liability, as she takes away the maintank slot of the team without being a tank herself. It is advisable to swap her in battle with a better tank, usually at 8. However, even with her low base Evasion, buffs from GrizzlyHG can push her up to Welrod MkIIHG's level of Evasion (assuming they're both maxed in everyway), making the swap unneeded (though if you do retreat kiting, Welrod MkIIHG should be the first to draw the aggro and retreat as M950AHG's skill is much more important and needs to be activated before retreating). Highly Recommended.