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Echelon which uses Shotguns and Machine Guns. Sometimes has an HG acting as a buffer as part of the echelon as well.


Machine Gun-Shotgun (MGSG) Echelons, are echelons specialised in the following roles: Quickly dispatching enemies with high burst DPS. Engaging in long battles which require high survivability through the use of armor stacking.

While they can be extremely powerful, MGSG are not recommended for general use as they require large amounts of resources to be supplied.

MGs are also not recommended for fighting evasive enemies at night due to their inability to equip Night Vision Equipment combined with their low base Accuracy.

Generally, MGSG echelons are expected to complete battles within the first volley to minimize damage taken.

MG basics

MGs are the DPS units of an MGSG echelon. They boast high base FP, RoF, and have armor piercing capabilities.

The ‘rounds’ stat of an MG determines the amount of attacks they can carry out in a single magazine or ‘volley’.

MGs target random enemies within their range and only switch targets when the target is killed.

RoF buffs do not affect MGs, they fire at a fixed 3 attacks per second, with the exception of the Big 4, who fire at a fixed ~2.73 attacks per second.

MGs cannot attack when they run out of ammo and must reload. 🞸 Formula for reload time: 4s + (200/RoF)s 🞸 (Don’t bother stacking RoF on MGs, it doesn’t significantly affect reload speed)

MGs are categorised into 2 main types based on their skills, although some unique MGs do exist. 1. First Volley MGs 2. Second volley MGs

First volley MGs

First Volley MGs are MGs with skills that activate within the first volley.

These MGs are generally preferred due to their ability to output high DPS in a single volley with the help of their skills.

The most notable first volley MGs are the ‘Big 4’, which consists of: PKPMG (5*) Gr MG5MG (5*) PKMG (4*) M2HBMG (3*)

Other first volley MGs also include ‘Hunting Impulse’(HI) MGs

MK48 (4*) M1919A4MG (3*) LWMMGMG (2*) (note: very good budget MG with a strong mod.) FG42MG (2*) (note: not recommended due to low base FP and clip.) While AEK-999MG is technically a HI MG, her skill does not activate in the first volley due to her 8s ICD.

Second Volley MGs

Second Volley MGs are MGs with skills that only activate in the second volley. As a result, they output mediocre DPS in the first volley and are not recommended for general use.

Should a battle draw out for longer than one volley however, these MGs* can out-DPS first volley MGs. 🞸With the exception of ‘Lock and Load’ MGs.

The most notable second volley MGs are: Lewis GunMG (5*) (note: Reload speed increases after each reload) M1918MG (4*) (note: Can be used as first volley with MOD2 skill)

Unique MGs

Some MGs have skills unique from typical 1st and 2nd volley MGs. The most notable MGs with unique skills are: RPK-16 (5*) (Switches to AR mode after finishing clip) NegevMG (5*) (Stackable DMG buff with very high uptime) KordMG (5*) (Can pierce multiple enemies in penetration mode) M1895 CBMG (4*) (Very long first volley)

RPK-16 has the ability to switch to AR mode after finishing her MG clip, which allows her to deal consistent DPS while regular MGs would be reloading. Also has tiles that can buff ARs, SMGs, and SGs.

NegevMG is specialized in long battles such as Judge due to her passive ability to build up to 3 stacks of 50% DMG buff (for a total of 237.5%), with very high uptime. *note: Highest DPS of any MG at 3 stacks

KordMG’s skill allows her to switch between Penetration and Assault modes. Penetration mode decreases her DMG and AP but allows her to pierce through enemies while Assault mode buffs her DMG and ACC.

M1895 CBMG’s skill gives her an additional 30 ammo upon finishing her original clip while also buffing DMG but stacking ACC debuffs. This allows her to shoot for extended periods of time without needing to reload. M1895 CBMG excels against enemies with 0 Evasion as her ACC debuff can be ignored.

MG equipment and Accuracy

All MGs have the option of equipping: Scopes AP ammo Ammo box All MGs should be given an ammo box to increase their clip size which greatly affects their damage done in a single volley. AP ammo is necessary if you intend to fight armored enemies. Otherwise, it may be left empty.

When fighting enemies with no Evasion (day/night), use VFLs Hunting impulse MGs may use EOTs as their skill gives them 100% crit chance When fighting enemies with moderate Evasion at daytime, aim to get an ACC stat (after all buffs: fairy aura, tiles, etc.) around 3x the value of the enemy’s Evasion stat. By using the formula for hit chance [ ACC/(ACC+Enemy EVA) ] , we get an acceptable hit chance of 75%. If MG acc is enough, use VFL If MG acc is not enough, use EOT or ITI to compensate.

SG basics

SGs are the armored tanks of an MGSG echelon, they have very low base Evasion, but have a very large HP pool and armor stats that reduce damage taken by a flat amount, to a minimum of 1 damage per hit.

SGs are effective tanks against enemies with too high Accuracy for SMGs to evade effectively, such as Judge in Chapters 9 and 10.

SGs also have the unique trait of being able to knockback up to 3 enemies per shot.

Unfortunately, most SGs have skills with a long ICD. As a result, most SG skills don’t have the chance to be used in short battles.

Offensive skills are not recommended for SGs as their main role is to tank, not deal DPS.

Just like MGs, SGs have limited rounds they can fire before needing to reload. SGs also cannot activate skills while reloading, so some micro is needed to delay their reload so they can activate their skills quicker. 🞸Formula for reload time: 1.5s+(0.5*clip size)s.

When choosing SGs to use, prioritize:first volley skill> tiles> HP> armor.

SGs are categorised into 2 types based on their skills. First Volley SGs Second Volley SGs

First Volley SGs

First volley SGs are SGs with skills that activate within the first volley.

While they do not significantly impact outcomes of battles, they are preferred as their skills can help to reduce scratch damage taken in short battles.

SGs with first volley skills include: S.A.T.8SG (5* Shielder) DP-12SG (5* Shielder) USAS-12SG (4* DPS) (note: can be used for knockback)

Second volley SGs

Second volley SGs are SGs with skills that only activate in the second volley. As most MGSG battles are short, they do not see much use.

If additional armor/damage reduction is needed in longer battles, they can outperform first volley SGs in survivability with their strong defensive skills.

The most notable second volley SGs with defensive skills are: Am KSGSG (5* armor+eva buffer) (note: high base armor of 24) M590SG (4* armor buffer) FP-6SG (5* DMG reduction) (note: high base armor of 24) M870SG (5* DMG reduction)

SG Equipment

All SGs have the option of equipping: Armor plate Shotgun shells Scope

An armor plate is recommended to allow SGs to reduce damage taken. However, if your armor is already more or equal to enemy FP, it may be left empty for a little extra Evasion.

As SGs’ main purpose is to tank, Shotgun shells are optional.

Note: Slugs reduce the number of targets an SG can target from 3 to 1, which reduces their effective knockback chance. Thus, they are not recommended.

An ITI is recommended to increase the Accuracy of SGs as they need to be able to hit targets to knock them back.

HG buffers and debuffers

HG are essential in MGSG echelons as they can provide strong tile buffs to boost the DPS of MGs.

As HG skills do not activate within the first volley, skills are mostly irrelevant when choosing HGs to use in MGSG echelons.

However, some DMG or RoF debuffer HGs such as M1895HG and SpitfireHG may be used to increase survivability of SGs if needed in longer battles. DMG debuffers can reduce dmg taken by SGs if armor is insufficient. RoF debuffers can further reduce dmg taken by SGs when armor is already sufficient by reducing the number of shots on your SG.

HG tile buff priority for MGs: If against no Evasion: FP>Crit>Others. If against Evasion in daytime: FP>Acc>Crit>Others.

Position 4 HGs

Position 4 HGs are used in 2MG2HG1SG setups.

Examples of Position 4 HGs with strong tile buffs for MGs are: Nagant Revolver/M1895HG (2*) (DMG+CRIT tiles) (note: DMG debuffer). SpitfireHG (4*) (DMG+ACC tiles) (note: RoF debuffer). Colt Revolver/SAAHG (4*) (DMG+ACC tiles). JillHG (1* Collab) (DMG+ACC tiles) (note: can also be used in Pos5). Can buff SG armor with Big Beer. Can buff MG DMG and ACC with Brandtini. ContenderHG (5*) (DMG+CRIT tiles) (note: can also be used in Pos5). K5HG (4*) (DMG+ACC tiles) (note: can also be used in Pos5). MP-446HG (2*)(DMG tiles)(RoF debuff) (note: can also be used in Pos5).

Position 5 HGs

Position 5 HGs are used in both 2MG2HG1SG and 3MG1HG1SG setups.

Examples of Position 5 HGs with strong tile buffs for MGs are: Gr Mk23HG (4*) (DMG tiles) JillHG (1* Collab) (DMG+ACC tiles) (note: can also be used in Pos4). Can buff SG armor with Big Beer. Can buff MG DMG and ACC with Brandtini. ContenderHG (5*) (DMG+CRIT tiles) (note: can also be used in Pos4). K5HG (4*) (DMG+ACC tiles) (note: can also be used in Pos4). MP-446HG (2*)(DMG tiles)(RoF debuff) (note: can also be used in Pos4).

Team Compositions

MGSG echelons can come in many different forms such as: 3MG 1HG 1SG, the standard composition for most MGSGs. 2MG 2HG 1SG, a slightly weaker but more budget option. 3MG 2SG, a specific comp to fight Judge Note: If armor requirements are already met, the number of MGs may be reduced. Gunboats, a specific comp to fight KCCO Typhons.

2MG 2HG 1SG or 3MG 1HG1 SG

Your general use MGSG will often use the format of either: 2MG 2HG 1SG, or 3MG 1HG 1SG

A 2MG 2HG 1SG echelon is recommended to beginners as it is a more budget alternative while still providing a slightly weaker, but similar DPS output as a 3MG 1HG 1SG echelon.

A 2MG 2HG 1SG echelon consists of: 2 MGs (budget options: M2HBMG, LWMMGMG) 1 Position 4 HG (eg. Colt Revolver) 1 Position 5 HG (eg. Gr Mk23HG) 1 SG (budget options: M500SG or Spas-12)

To convert it into a 3MG 1HG 1SG echelon, simply replace the Position 4 HG with an additional MG.

If a fight drags on for longer than 1 volley, make sure to have sufficient armor to minimize damage on SGs.

Anti-Judge MGSG

Judge targets up to 2 dolls at once and attacks with high Accuracy and RoF. Thus, 2 SGs are required to tank her hits while keeping the main DPS safe.

For harder versions of Judge (eg. 9-4E and 10-6 who have 42FP and 50FP respectively), Armor stacking is required to reduce Judge’s damage done on SGs. This can be done by: Using MGs with armor tiles to buff SGs (eg.NegevMG, QJY-88MG, HMG21). Using an Armor Fairy for its aura.

Note: Adjust the number of armor tile MGs according to your needs. If the armor requirement is met (eg. 9-6 Judge), you may use 1 DPS of any class and 2 HG tile buffers instead of 3 armor tile MGs.

NegevMG is Highly Recommended for her ability to stack up to 237.5% damage buff with almost infinite uptime, but she is NOT MANDATORY to fight Judge.


A Gunboat is a team composition designed to fight a very specific enemy: KCCO Typhons.

This composition is not for general use as it lacks any form of survivability.

The concept of a gunboat revolves around 3-4 First volley MGs mowing down armored escorts of Typhons, and a single unit capable of piercing or brute forcing armor killing the Typhons solo after all escorts have been dealt with.

A common Gunboat setup includes the Big 4 as escort killers, and ContenderHG as the Typhon killer.

Note: Number of MGs may be replaced with HG tile buffers as long as DPS requirement to kill escorts is met.

Example video of using Gunboat against Typhons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWN3GchTcqg


MGSG Teambuilding