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Micro UziMod

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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.


Micro UziMod


Ammo hp.png



Buffs AR
Damage +18%
Accuracy +15%
HP 173 → 177x5
DMG 25 → 26
ACC 12 → 13
EVA 79 → 83
RoF 104 → 104
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Initial CD: 3s
CD: 16s
Incendiary Grenade: Launch an incendiary grenade that deals 6.5x damage to enemies within a 1.5 unit radius and leaves a DoT that deals 1x damage every 0.33 seconds for 5 seconds in a 1.5 unit radius
Burning Chain: Incendiary grenade deals an additional 0.8x damage every 1.5 seconds to burned enemies and will spread around the burned enemy, causing a new burning area with a radius of 1 unit. This lasts until the effect of the incendiary grenade ends. Burn damage will take effect against enemies in an extremely small area.


  • Molotov skill gets an improvement to perform spectacularly if all enemies are clumped together in one section, allowing massive area of effect.


  • Kinda really needs that clump.


While still having a pretty low FP stat, Micro UziSMG alleviates one of the major disadvantages of Molotovs vs Frag Nades with her MOD2 skill, allowing her molotovs to spread a little further on the field while providing an extra tick of damage, albeit at a slower rate. Surprisingly enough, this proves to be insanely effective in taking out tight hordes since overlapping flames will be counted as multiple instances of ticks, effectively doubling, tripling and so on on the effects of her MOD2 skill. Note that because new burning areas are only generated every 1.5 seconds, getting Micro UziModSMG's first skill to at least SL9 is desirable to get the most out of her second skill as it raises her skill 1 duration above 4.5 seconds, allowing for 3 procs of her 2nd skill.

Another major bonus of her mod is that it fixes her absolutely horrible pre-mod tiles, allowing her to function as a proper SMG in soaking up damage while still being able to deal a respectable amount of damage.

However, do you really fight tight stacks of mobs that often? Without overlapping fires, she's not all that much different from VectorSMG or KLINSMG aside from the slight advantage of having multiple ticks of flame damage.

Micro UziModSMG gets an Optional rating. While the MOD fixes a lot of her previous flaws and opens up new functions to her usage, she doesn't really differ all that much from your traditional molotovs unless you have super tight packs of enemies. Skill is pretty good but be mindful of the costs of having to level up 2 skills paired with the fragment/core cost. Stopping at MOD2 would be a wise choice, as her MOD3 SPEQ has pretty much 0 synergy with her role as a molotov offtank (it's an ITI for a nader, really?).