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Model L

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Model L


Ammo hv.png


Self-buff RoFSelf-Buff Acc

Buffs SMG
Damage +15%
Accuracy +25%
HP 55 → 110x5
DMG 19 → 50
ACC 6 → 45
EVA 6 → 41
RoF 50 → 73
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 5s
CD: 8s
Lock-on Focus: Increase rate of fire by 40% and accuracy by 90% for 5s.



  • Lower RoF multiplier than her competitors
  • Accuracy buff is situational
  • Limited event doll (April 2020)


Model L is a 3★ RoF AR with additional Accuracy buff as a trade-off of skill duration and multiplier. She is best summed up as OTs-12AR with weaker RoF buff and a mostly negligible Accuracy buff, a mediocre AR.

Like most other 3★ event t-dolls that can serve as early game options, Model L's greatest downside is being time-gated in her own login event before being given at level 1. There is no point in picking her up this late when most new players would have already received the far superior option in ST AR-15AR, who comes at higher level. Model L is Not Recommended.