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Ammo ap.png



Second Volley DPSSelf-Buff FP

Buffs SG
Armor +20%
HP 87 → 174x5
DMG 28 → 84
ACC 4 → 35
EVA 4 → 36
RoF 90 → 139
Armor -
Clip 9
Crit 5%
Speed 4
Manic Blood: Increase damage by 50% after each reload. Effect is stackable, each stack lasts for 25s.



  • Low base FP
  • Low clip size
  • Passive skill relies on reloading, only worthwhile for very drawn out battles


As she claims to be, Negev is a specialist. She leans heavily toward long battle potential, a philosophy that clashes with the role of MGs: overpowering the enemies with rains of bullets before they have a chance to retaliate. Yet she herself is able to define this role successfully.

Negev comes with 20% armor tile buff. A typical armor buffing MG at most would only provide 15% armor buff, but Negev does not follow this rule. With this, she holds the highest armor buff among MGs, even in older servers at the time this entry was written, making her an excellent choice for defensive MGSG. Just as she does with armor buff, she also takes a step further with late skill activation. Negev is not a 2nd volley MG, as her 2nd volley is weaker than the other 2nd volley or even the first volley MGs. Instead, her damage skyrockets starting from her 3rd volley. By stacking her skill through at least two reloads, she is able to reach the point where she constantly has a 125% FP skill buff, far exceeding what would be normal for any doll in the game. This allows Negev to really shine in very specific scenarios, where she is able to reach her 3rd volley.

If this is not clear yet, these very specific scenarios are rare. Negev is a specialist, and thus she does not shine outside of very special cases. This is her limitation. If used outside if these cases, she has among the poorest performance among MGs. Her stats spread is very poor offensive wise, with only 84 FP and a low base clip size of only 9. She effectively has a performance of an Gr MG4MG for short fights. Considering the usual purpose of MGSG, most fights are going to be short, where she performs this poorly.

Negev is Specialist and optional. She won't disappoint you when you need a specialist.

As a side note, while she gains more power with each reload, it is a terrible idea to not give her an ammo box. She will end up reloading more often rather than dishing out damage. While she reaches her peak faster, consider the fights she tend to go against (specific bosses such as Judge and Garm), an untimely force shield from the boss can eat up her entire magazine.