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Neural Upgrade

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Upgrade mechanic in EN that allows T-Dolls to become powered up in exchange for cores and a resource called memory fragments obtainable from the Neural Cloud Corridor simulation. This feature is unlocked upon reaching Commander Level 60. Neural Upgrades have 3 levels of modifications, Mod 1 which raises rarity, stats, changes tile buffs and buffs first skill, Mod 2 which gives the T-Doll a second skill and Mod 3 which allows her to obtain her SPEQ, a new skin and voice lines and increases the affection cap to 200 (if oathed, combined with the affection entry, this boosts ACC, EVA and Damage to a total of 15% at 190 affection!)


neural/ Neural Upgrade Guide and List

Each T-Doll has their own unique changes following Neural Upgrades. For more information on the T-Dolls and Neural upgrade itself, check out the guide written by 25th Night and Bubu for more information on the right of this entry. You can also check GFC's guide linked on the right.