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Night battle

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Combat mission that takes place during the night. Has different conditions compared to normal battles such as a 90% Accuracy debuff on allied echelons, map sight limitation, clear conditions, and specific dolls’ skills change. Check other documents on GFL Appendix for tactics and strategies. You can also check GFC's guides for an S-rank guide to Night Battles.


Night battle obstacles and mechanics

Night battles have a lot of new mechanics which can easily confuse new players.This guide will discuss the main obstacles you will face and how to counter them.

Night battle accuracy penalty

One of the biggest drawbacks of night battles is that during the operation all t-dolls will suffer a 90% accuracy debuff. If the enemy you are fighting has any evasion, you won’t be able to hit them and a fight that otherwise would be easy becomes a nightmare as your backline misses all the shots.

The only one effective way of countering night battle penalty is by equipping night battle equipment (PEQs). Such equipment reduces the accuracy penalty, instead of increasing your accuracy. Only 3 classes can equip PEQs: Handguns(HG), Submachine Guns(SMG) and Assault Rifles(AR). You want to equip PEQs mostly on the assault rifles, since they rely a lot on shooting for damage, and most of the time, they will be the main DPS of your team. Unlike other equipment,the difference between 4 star PEQ and 5 star is rather small, so no need to hunt for 5 star PEQ. PEQs also can’t be enhanced, only calibrated. However, it’s not recommended to do so.

But what about nade skills that some ARs have? Don’t they always hit? So you don’t need PEQs right?... Well, actually a lot of the damage output of an AR is still normal shots, and considering the nade takes 8 seconds to activate, relying only on the nade for damage is a bad idea.

Meanwhile, trying to stack accuracy buffs to compensate for the penalty is VERY ineffective because the debuff is applied on top of all the buffs reducing their effectiveness. This includes the so called "flare" HGs, who have a rather deceptive skill description. Example: a t-doll with ITI has 100 accuracy during day, during night this stat will be reduced and the accuracy drops to 10, overall is better to just use a PEQ that will nullify part of the penalty.

The t-doll classes that can’t equip PEQs will have a different role for night battles, so you don’t need to worry about their accuracy for now.

Armored enemies

Armored enemies are not exclusive to night battles, but for most players this will be their first time encountering them. Those enemies have an armor value which reduces the damage they take. In the early maps there isn’t much difference from normal enemies, but as the armor value of those enemies increases you will find your assault rifles dealing one-digit damage against them. Example: a t-doll deals 100 damage, but an enemy has 90 armor: 100-90=10. In this case, your damage gets a MASSIVE reduction.

One and two digit damage against tanky enemies isn't fun boi

This is where Machine Guns(MGs) and Rifles(RF) come into play. Those gun classes can equip AP ammo, and the AP value will directly subtract from an enemy’s armor, making it much easier to deal with them. Those enemies in general also have no evasion, so the accuracy penalty for those classes won’t matter when fighting them.

There is one exception for this case, which is the enemy manticore. More specifically, the ones that appear on the fourth map in chapters 4 and 6. Those enemies have low armor but enough evasion to give your RFs a bad time. You can counter them with ARs that buff their own damage.

Against tarantulas, use MGs or airstrike fairy.Their fast movement speed and the fact they usually come in big quantities makes them threatening for rifles.

Limited vision

Another big obstacle in night battles is the lack of vision.Your visual range is limited and is shown by highlighted nodes. Without vision you can’t see enemies, deploy new echelons on helipads or use the parachute fairy skill.

One simple way to bypass this problem is to put a handgun on your echelon, this will give your echelon one adjacent node of vision.

This echelon has a HG, note the highlighted nodes, now I am able to deploy a new echelon on the nearby heliport.

Another thing to note is that HGs aren't used only for night visibility, but also for their ability to buff other dolls, making the team a lot stronger overall.

The radar is a special node that, when captured, grants 2 adjacent nodes of vision. Sometimes capturing those nodes can be more trouble than it’s worth because they are in places hard to capture. So think well before going for it. One thing to note is that sometimes, stepping on a radar triggers a map gimmick.

The Illumination fairy’s (also known as “torch”) skill also grants 2 adjacent nodes of vision for the echelon that has her equipped (1 node at Skill level 3 and 2 nodes at Skill level 10), stacking with the vision provided by the HGs, and boosting an accuracy buff.

Her skill only lasts two turns and has a cooldown of 5 turns, so keep in mind that she won’t be a replacement for hgs.

Illumination fairy skill showcase. Look at all this range parachute skill being used with the help of illumination

! Map vision and the accuracy penalty are not related in any way. Putting a HG on your echelon will not reduce the penalty. Same for using illumination fairy !

Turn limits and map control

Most night maps have “kill all enemies” as an objective, on a normal map this doesn’t prove to be a challenge, but on night maps, on top of limited visibility, there’s also turn limits and the enemy movements are heavily influenced by RNG. Those aspects greatly enhance the difficulty of the map and ask a lot more out of players when it comes to management of action points and map control, even when using guides there’s the chance that an enemy moves the wrong direction, completely ruining everything. The previously mentioned illumination fairy can be of great help, showing the enemies in the field you no longer will have to guess where they are or where they are going, paying attention to nodes that change color can also give you a hint of where the enemies are, and even some glitches can reveal the enemy positioning. Of course use a guide if you are having too much difficulty, but sometimes expect to need to do some trial and error.

Echelon building

Many of the principles for normal echelon building still remain in the night echelons. Players think there’s high requirements for night battle echelons but it's quite simple to build them, this section will cover the parts more specific to night battles and gloss over some basic comps. I REALLY recommend you check out those docs first: ARSMG team building, HGRF building(credits to OmegaHymenBuster#7753 for both these guides) and introduction to team building principles (credits to Brassyandclassy and Jetroyz).

The night specialists

The “night specialist” t-dolls have skills with big multipliers during night battles, but weakened effect during day time maps, such skills normally have “N” in their title to signal “night”, one thing to note is that night specialist dolls aren’t required to make a good night battle team. Some even underperform on this role. For this reason I will be making a quick review on those specialists.

Night specialist ARs.

The most noticeable class in this niche,and arguably the most recommended to obtain. For those ARs there’s two skill variants: the first buffs only damage, the second has weaker damage buff but also boosts critical rate.

Since the critical rate of the ARs is very small during night due to no critical scope, the critical rate buff does very little, so the variant #1 is the most preferable, but the Annihilation focus skill still offers a greater buff then normal ARs, so not a bad choice. One thing to note is that those skills have very poor uptime, with long initial cooldown, short duration and long cooldown, therefore those ARs can suffer during longer fights,so don’t assume night ARs will be good for any situation even during night.

Through production, you can obtain 2 good night ARs: 9A-91 and T91, both having similar performance. AS VAL is another one in the pool, but sadly her performance is very underwhelming, due to low firepower stat and bad tile placement.(UPDATE : As val mod has been released,and this mod fixes a lot of her performance problems,actually she becomes the best night AR,but again, that is her modded version)

Ots-14 is considered a good night AR due to her incredible 200% firepower buff, but she is an event doll. The only way to obtain her again is to wait for her to return as a special drop in some event. The same applies to T65, who was a login t-doll, despite her low rarity, her performance is decent due to good stat spread.

We also have A91, another night AR that fills a different role, she has a nade skill which also gains a self-buff at night. While her performance is overall good, during the day she is really lackluster. To make things worse, SOPMOD II exists, a doll given for free to players and that can equip two scopes, so her DPS far surpasses that of A91. For that reason, A91 is not recommended to raise.

Night specialists HGs

Mk23 ends up being pretty much the only night specialist handgun with an offensive skill. And what a powerful skill! 35% buff during night time and with a 36% damage boost from tilebuff, which is a lot. Also easily obtained by beginners in the 7-day frontline supply.

The other HGs fall in the “defensive” archetype, having a skill which debuffs enemies instead of buffing allies. Overall those types of handguns end up being less used, but some options like M1895 or type 59 are cheap and reliable for when you need a t-doll for debuffs. Situations where your offensive is covered and you only really worry about reducing incoming damage.

Other night specialist classes

The MG and RF classes also have their night specialists, but they are very rarely talked about… because they are pretty bad. They don’t have such incredible performance during night, and during the day they are absolutely useless.Just use normal machine guns and rifles. UPDATE Type 88 (rifle) mod has been released,and the mod makes her a exception to this rule,her mod makes her good both during day and night.

Echelon building examples

A VERY BASIC guideline for echelon building. THOSE ARE ONLY EXAMPLES, you don’t need to use the exact same dolls as I'm using.

General non-armored mobbing

For general mobs, a good composition is 2 AR, 1 HG that can sit in the backline and 2 SMG, one serving as maintank role (eva up skill/smoke grenade/stun) and another as offensive (AOE skill like molotov and hand grenade). Notice the tilebuff synergy in this composition, G11 is buffing Vector’s damage, while she buffs G11’s rate of fire. Grizzly buffs damage for the ARs and evasion for UMP45, unlike Vector she has no use for the firepower buff since her role is simply to tank enemies. One thing to keep in mind is to be careful when using frontline hgs in ARSMG teams, since you’ll need to replace an offensive smg for the HG, this makes your frontline weaker due to the HG's small hp pool. HGs with damage buffs are prefered, since ARs in general don’t have much problems with rate of fire Px4 storm is a HG that is often misused in night ARSMG teams due to her tiles, but the problem is her skill is useless in this type of team,since ARs will have very small critical rate without crit scope. For the ARs ST AR-15 and SOP MOD you use PEQ+Critical rate scope during night, yes even if you have their mods speq, crit rate is better than just adding raw damage and PEQ again is to preserve accuracy. Against enemies with high evasion SMGs with molotov or hand grenade skills are very effective, since their skills don’t miss and activate early into the fight.

Here’s a more “budget” team made with dolls that are given for free/ easy to find.

General armored mobbing

HGRF is composed of 2 rifles and 3 hgs, your standard hgrf works well enough for night. Again be aware with tilebuff/skill synergy for your t-dolls. Rifles that buf their own rate of fire can reach the cap pretty easily, so having only 1 ROF buffer hg (tiles AND skill) works. Meanwhile, rifles that buff their own firepower would prefer 2 rate of fire buffers.

Hybrid team

Teams that don't follow the classic "ARSMG","HGRF" or "MGSG" archetypes, which includes mixing AP users like RF with non-AP users like ARs. While those teams are used, unlike most players would expect they don't fit "generalist" or "all rounder" roles, quite the opposite, those teams are only deployed in specific fights and normally are used because the enemy has an uncommon formation. In normal story chapters you will rarely use mixed teams, the cookie-cutter ones do a good enough job. A hybrid team of an ARSMG with a rifle mixed in can be used by new players in early night chapters, since they probably won't have a proper HGRF raised, or an ARSMG strong enough to bruteforce armor, the enemies are also rather weak against a decently leveled team, so the lack of synergy between t-dolls in this case won't pose a big problem.


Night battle guide with examples