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Refers to the Anna boss encountered in the E1-8 and EX 1-8 for the Va11 HALL-A event. This boss will constantly mark your units with a red wave attack that marks them. The wave itself does no damage, but she will follow this up with a laser that does much more damage to units marked by this attack. Move out as necessary. She will also target dolls with an attack that immobilizes them and prevents from using skills. T-dolls marked by this attack will emit waves that travel to the tiles above, below and to their sides that do slight damage to dolls caught in them. At the same time, she will spawn a clone of hers who acts as the warden of the cell. Kill her to break the prison - but be warned all attacks deal 1 damage to her so high RoF T-Dolls are the way to go. To make things easier for you, arrange your Dolls to an X formation once the battle begins to deal with attacks easier. For more information on this unit and any unit related to the Va11 Hall-A collab, click on the link to the right for a guide by GFC to learn more. (Click on the units for more information!)