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Ammo hv.png


Self-buff RoF

Buffs SMG
Damage +15%
Rate of Fire +20%
HP 53 → 105x5
DMG 15 → 42
ACC 7 → 54
EVA 7 → 54
RoF 48 → 72
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 4s
CD: 16s
Assault Focus T: Increase self rate of fire by 60% for 10s.


  • Good tile buffs for off tanks
  • High multiplier despite low rarity
  • Good initial CD and great uptime
  • A copy is obtained for free from completing the career quest for 1-6


  • Low base FP
  • Skill awkwardly cannot cap RoF
  • Only drops on later maps


Despite bearing the OTs moniker, OTs-12 is far apart from OTs-14AR's night supremacy. Instead boasting a strong tile buff and placement, she is the budget choice for commanders who need a budget DPS AR who can get the job done.

As a 3★, she appears frequently from AR crafts, but farming copies of her is unwise, as her drop locations are relatively scarce by comparison to others, with the earliest drop map being 5-5 and 5-6. This does not limit her from being used as players will obtain a free OTs-12 from completing the 1-6 career quest. This allows her to be used with the equally accessible option of FF FNCAR (until ST AR-15AR makes herself known, but can still be a formidable option for a second ARSMG after the first).

Performance wise, OTs-12 is on the higher end for 3★ ARs in terms of DPS, only slightly below FF FNCAR in term of DPS but can overtake the latter in term of mobbing thanks to her high RoF from self-buff. Her base FP stat of 42 is on the lower side, but the typical early game team can provide much needed FP to overcome this weakness.

It is worth noting that she should be left at SL7 (109 RoF, 13 frames per attack) (Read more in Info), as she gains zero benefit from going higher due to the RoF buff not providing enough to lower her frame per attack (At SL10, she reaches 115 RoF, which is still 13 frames per attack).

OTs-12 is Recommended for early game.