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The final boss of the Cube / Cube + Event, fought on stages E1-4 and E2-4 for that event. Her boss battle is notable for requiring your echelon to reach her first before you can damage her. Because of this, ARSMG is Recommended to reach her quickly. Her initial form isn't too dangerous, but with escorts and distance playing in factor, you want to make sure you can deal enough damage to quickly close the distance to prevent more damage. Her skill marks certain T-Dolls with a danger area before she drops misiles on them. Move out your dolls from these. Her elite version encountered in E2-4 has Armor Piercing, greater Evasion, more areas affected by her skills and generally much more dangerous. However, your strategy should remain the same in general. Avoid slow T-Dolls and bring your best ARSMG to take her down. For more information on this enemy and others, check out GFC's Enemy Analytic on the right! You can also return to the snek entry on the right.