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Ammo hp.png


HP ShieldTeam ACC BuffTeam EVA BuffTeam FP Buff

Buffs All
Damage +30%
Accuracy +50%
HP 35 → 70x5
DMG 10 → 28
ACC 8 → 66
EVA 13 → 110
RoF 41 → 62
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Decisive Battle Sequence: Grant/increase allies in the front/middle/back columns by a 53 HP shield/60% accuracy and evasion/25% damage, respectively, for 8s.


  • Amazing tile coverage and orientation
  • Amazing tile buffs
  • Very good skill on all 3 values buffed
  • 2nd highest EVA in the game, only 2 short from PSMHG
  • Buffs are aligned nicely to the columns


  • Fairly average HP
  • Uncraftable, Isomer map drop
  • Dolls must be in the appropriate column to receive desired buffs
  • Forces B-formation


P22 is a 5★ HG whose kit goes far and beyond what a normal handgun can achieve, making her a definitive meta changer.

P22's stats are phenomenal with a base 110 Evasion which is already extraordinarily high on top of a respectable 350 total health, making her survivability outstanding just in base stats alone. Her tile buffs are also amazing, providing 30% FP and 50% Accuracy. While the shape may look strange at first, P22 actually covers everyone if placed in pos 2, making the "B formation" now a valid option when making teams using her.

Her skill, "Decisive Battle Sequence", is a buffing skill like no other. The flexible buff drastically improves a doll's stats depending on which column she is stationed on:

○ 25% FP buff for the backline, which can be maximized to buff your RF, ARs or MGs; ○ 60% Evasion and Accuracy for the middle column, improving the survivability of SMGs and HGs drastically ○ A 53 HP shield to the front line, which can be used to reduce chip damage taken.

To add on to this incredible skill, T-Dolls who are in between two different columns at the time of skill activation can receive both buffs. For example, if your maintank is in between the middle and right columns, they can receive both the shield and Evasion buff!

P22, despite being locked to one of the worst farming maps to date, still gains the tag of Highly Recommended due to being an extremely flexible HG. She is undoubtedly one of the best universally used HG to date and can see use in just about any situation.

Note: P22's shield does not cover the entire team, so don't substitute her for HS2000HG if you want to effectively stop AoE attacks such as the grenade from Doppelsoldners!