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Ammo ap.png



First Volley DPS

Buffs SG
Damage +18%
HP 95 → 190x5
DMG 36 → 96
ACC 3 → 21
EVA 3 → 23
RoF 58 → 84
Armor -
Clip 11
Crit 5%
Speed 4
Terminating Barrage: After every 3 hits, the next hit will inflict 2.6x damage.


  • High base FP
  • High clip size
  • Passive skill



Voted number 1 T-doll people want to get from 0-2, PK is the 3rd of the Big 4 and a powerhouse in her own right.

With the 2nd highest base damage out of the Big 4, PK is able to dole out significant damage, as long as she hits her shots. Her low Accuracy means she will need to be supported with Accuracy-buffing equipment or tile buffs when against unarmored foes. It is important to mention that her 2.6x multiplier bullet can miss hence Accuracy is very important for her. With a maxed out ammo box, PK will have a clip size of 16, meaning she'll be able to proc her passive 4 times before needing to reload. Though, with the introduction of fairies, when paired with the right fairy and doll her Accuracy issue is out of the window, allowing her to equip VFL which further amplifies her damage of normal attack outside of skill proc.

Her tile buffs are serviceable, giving shotguns some extra damage to clean up the small fry. It allows her to buff maintank SG from pos 1.

Generally when running PK, due to the nature of her low Accuracy, you will want to run Accuracy buffing HG (SAAHG/SerdyukovHG etc.) and/or fairy that boost Accuracy (Rescue/Fury) further, your goal would be 35 Accuracy or higher when doing this, so do abit of math. Just give her the correct setup and she won't be disappointing you. Highly Recommended.