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Ammo ap.png



First Volley DPS

Buffs SG
Accuracy +12%
Rate of Fire +15%
HP 83 → 165x5
DMG 35 → 95
ACC 4 → 31
EVA 4 → 29
RoF 87 → 127
Armor -
Clip 10
Crit 5%
Speed 4
Ultimatum: Each attack has a 20% chance of firing an additional bullet with guaranteed critical.



  • Skill is on RNG side


PKP is the 1st of the Big 4, and rightfully so, due to how well rounded her stats are combined with a strong passive skill.

PKP comes with strong stats spread, with both high FP and Accuracy and a nice clip size of 10. She virtually has no weakness in stats, making her a powerful MG right off the bat.

Being part of the Big 4, PKP also comes with a passive skill that gives her an advantage during first volley. Unlike the other Big 4 whose skills are consistent, PKP's Ultimatum is based on chances. It is important to note that her proc from passive is a seperate bullet that deals 1.5x damage, rather than just a plain crit, and this shot is able to crit a second time, for 2.25x damage, or higher with crit damage multiplier. This can easily push her damage ceiling to a very high level, something the other Big 4 cannot achieve. The proc itself also counts as an additional bullet that targets a random enemy, potentially someone she is not currently targeting. This improves PKP's mobbing capability by giving her more shots than her clip size and reducing overkill issue against soft targets.

The introduction of fairies makes her even better. With the correct fairy, her Accuracy issue is eliminated, allowing her to equip VFL without any concern. Crit damage buff from fairies further amplifies her damage, which solidifies her status as the MG with highest damage potential in the game.

Overall, with the best combination of high FP and high Accuracy would allow her to equip better accessories that would further strengthen her already strong passive. Everything about her works in perfect harmony. She's a solid pick if you want to have the top MG. With all that said, she is Highly Recommended, definitely the best choice when you are looking for full offensive options.