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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.




Ammo hp.png


Main TankNight FocusSelf-Buff EVA

Buffs AR
Damage +12%
Accuracy +35%
HP 96 → 190x5
DMG 11 → 29
ACC 2 → 15
EVA 10 → 75
RoF 57 → 83
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Initial CD: 4s
CD: 16s
Covert Focus N: During nighttime, increase Evasion by 150% (50% during daytime) and Accuracy by 80% (40% during daytime) for 10s.



  • Mediocre multiplier during daytime


PM-06SMG is a 5★ SMG that has a night battle focus. This is a pretty rare trait for a SMG to have.

Out of the box, PM-06SMG looks as to be a doll that has a generic self-Evasion and self-Accuracy skill, which is nothing unique as SMGs such as MP7SMG have similar skills. That's where the similarity diverges however.

PM-06SMG heavily leans to night time performance; her skill is on a very short ICD (4 seconds) with a very long duration (10 seconds). At night, this skill grants an impressive 150% Evasion (which is the same as specialized self-Evasion buffers such as SuomiSMG but less than MP7SMG), with an irrelevant Accuracy bonus.

This quick activation and long duration makes her a solid pick for night operations, but unfortunately limits her use in daytime as the bonuses are heavily reduced.

PM-06SMG is an Optional doll to raise. She has a consideration when a player has raised some of the more generalist options (for example, MP7SMG and C-MSSMG to name two) and wants to raise some specially designed SMGs for specific scenarios.