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Ammo hp.png


Main TankSelf-Buff EVA

Buffs AR
Damage +8%
Evasion +20%
HP 80 → 159x5
DMG 9 → 25
ACC 2 → 13
EVA 11 → 86
RoF 65 → 96
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 4s
CD: 16s
Evasion Focus T: Increase self evasion by 45% for 15s.


  • Very high base Evasion
  • Very long duration



Oh PP-90, how your victory phrase contradicts your actual abilities.

First thing on the chopping block, her HP value. Rocking a low 795 HP at max level, she's one of the maintank SMGs with such a low HP value, besting girls like IDWSMG and FMG-9SMG - both being maintanks - and drawing on HP values on girls like PP-2000SMG and SkorpionSMG - which are both offtanks. For a 4★, this is really bad.

Pipi-90's Evasion stat is nothing to scoff at though, 86 Evasion - one of the best SMGs in that stat department, and her skill enhances it by another 45% with almost permanent uptime. Now you may be asking, "That's just bananas! Isn't that great?"

Here's the thing, in higher story chapters and future events, enemies that have a high Accuracy stat will be more prevalent, making her Evasion prowess obsolete. You can't avoid bullets if they keep hitting ya, and that's where her abysmal HP value will be what drags her down. Sure, you can say you could use her in earlier chapters, but PP-90 is not exactly the cheapest doll on the block, being a 4★ SMG.

Her tile buff is also another problem. A small boost to FP with a decent Evasion boost to ARs. Evasion that your ARs will likely never make any proper use out of. Tile coverage also ignores the AR at position 4, losing out on that FP buff.

Unfortunately for PP-90, all that combined makes for a terrible package for a maintank SMG, Not Recommended in any scenario. She is cute though, if only the drills on her hair can be something more, maybe she'd be useful then. (Kamina shouting in the background)