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Planning Mode

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A mode of movement that you can utilize in combat maps / simulations. This mode allows you plot your movements for your echelons so that once you click the "Execute Action" button, they will automatically follow out the movements you laid out before them. Should the amount of actions you give go over the amount of action points you have, the game will automatically end your turn and if possible, continue the actions you have plotted out. Planning mode will allow you to make most kinds of movements on the map such as swapping, but some techniques such as swapping with hostages and then rescuing them are unable to be done in planning mode. To end planning mode and erase all your planned actions, either click on the planning mode button again if you haven't executed the actions yet, or click on the screen and confirm to quit planning mode. Very useful for repetitively clearing stages without too much player input, such as 0-2 corpse dragging.