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Popular stage for [[corpse dragging]] due to the both the experience and [[core]] gain from it. [[Corpse dragging]] needs a somewhat specific team to make it effective. A guide to [[0-2 Drag]]ging can be found below.  +
Gameplay wise, refers to the '''16Lab''' equipment obtainable from special events. Statistically wise, they are identical to the <span class="doll-rarity-5">5★</span> variants of equipment, but are fully calibrated to max on obtaining them.  +
Stands for [[Accuracy]] Stat. Depending on your units' '''ACC''' stat, you might want to [[equip]] a certain type of scope. Check essential contents on Discord / [[Link]] on right for more info. == Gallery == [[File:placeholder|Accuracy and scope recommendations]]  +
<span class="doll-rarity-5">5★</span> [[HV]] Ammunition Equipment equipable by [[AR]]s.  +
Android Application Package. Particularly important for those who need the file for their devices or emulators. GooglePlay '''APK''' can be found on the link on the right. In case, you are unable to use this link, you can inquire on ask-help for assistance.  +
<span class="doll-page-link doll-rarity-4">[[M4A1]]<sup class="noexcerpt">[[AR]]</sup></span>, <span class="doll-page-link doll-rarity-4">[[ST AR-15]]<sup class="noexcerpt">[[AR]]</sup></span>, <span class="doll-page-link doll-rarity-4">[[M4 SOPMOD II]]<sup class="noexcerpt">[[AR]]</sup></span>, <span class="doll-page-link doll-rarity-4">[[M16A1]]<sup class="noexcerpt">[[AR]]</sup></span> and <span class="doll-page-link doll-rarity-5">[[RO635]]<sup class="noexcerpt">[[SMG]]</sup></span> are all part of this [[squad]]. Gameplay-wise all are often used and leveled due to each of them being capable in their own ways. For the lore version of this entry, click on the [[link]] to the right. (Beware of unmarked spoilers in lore page!)  +
[[Echelon]] which uses Assault Rifles and [[Submachine Gun]]s and sometimes an [[HG]] for [[buff]]ing. This type of team is generally good versus most content. A simple guide to how to build an '''ARSMG''' team, courtest of Omega Hymen Buster can be found on the link below. == [[Link]]s == [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JKPzcduXnBl4vlUPlVXo20x7GzuVYeTH85zkyfhmrKM/edit '''ARSMG''' Teambuilding Doc]  +
AW +
Stands for [[Arctic Warfare]] Event.  +
Interactable object on the combat map introduced via the VA-11 HALL-A collaboration. These can be picked up by your [[echelon]]s and on specific [[node]]s in the map, and then planted to destroy targets on the map and damage enemies. == Gallery == [[File:placeholder|That's how it looks on the map node]]  +
'''Accuracy''' is the stat governing the mechanic of hit-rate. By itself, accuracy is not a useful indicator for how often your dolls will hit the target. This is because hit-rate is calculated using the value of the doll's accuracy compared against the target's evasion stat.  +
Rewards for completion of certain tasks in maps / over time. These are automatically awarded to you once returning to the main screen after achieving a certain goal. You can check the '''Achievement'''s tab in the [[index]] tab at the bottom of the main screen to look through known '''achievement'''s and their rewards. (Click on the button with two triangles to switch out the options). Rewards are hugely varied, so be sure to look through them if you’re looking for a particular rewards / '''achievement'''. Some '''achievement'''s are hidden as well, particularly those linked to maps.  +
Refers to the advanced version of simulations that cost 3 [[sim energy]] to do. Usually used in conjunction with data [[sims]] / [[exp]] [[sims]]. (adv data [[sim]] or adv [[exp]] [[sim]]). Contextually can change depending on the usage / day referred to. For more information on simulations in general click on the [[link]] to the right to jump to the general entry for simulations.  +
Slow moving armored unit utilized by both Sangvis Ferri and KCCO. '''Aegis'''’ are armored, have 0 [[Evasion]], move slow and hit for pitiful damage. Their high life and [[armor]] however, allow them to “[[tank]]” damage to buy time for their harder hitting comrades to wreak havoc on your teams. KCCO’s '''Aegis'''’ are even beefier with more [[HP]] and [[armor]]. [[AP]] ammo is a big help, and a must versus the latter version. For more information on this enemy and others, check out GFC's Enemy Analytic on the right! == Gallery == [[File:placeholder|That's how it looks]] == [[Link]]s == [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TjHC4Vaed8dFqSkagM6teNlmBjFGPiUbTRnTnvxnnu4/edit#gid=1899557107 Enemy Analytic]  +
A numerical representation of your bond with a [[T-doll]]. The higher the number, the closer the bond which gives perks such as an increase of 5% for [[Accuracy]], [[Evasion]] and damage at 90 '''Affection'''. At maximum '''affection''', [[Oath]] becomes available (see [[Oath]] for more details) which further increases the '''affection''' cap to 150, and grants 5% more to the above stats among other perks. Combined with [[Mod]] this had additional perks, see [[mod]] entry for details. '''Affection''' can be gained via their participation in battle (leaders / [[MVP]] earn more), gifting them [[costume]]s / sweets in the dorms, dorm coziness and clicking on them in the dorm [[daily]]. '''Affection''' can also be lost however. If a [[T-doll]] is killed in battle, they lose 10 '''affection''' and the others will lose 5. If all are killed, then all will suffer the 10 '''affection''' penalty. Retreating, or loss by enemies getting past you don’t have '''affection''' penalties. Also, the above does not apply in boss fights or combat simulations. Alternatively, '''Affection''' can refer to Kalina’s '''affection''' gained from tapping her [[daily]] and purchasing items with [[gems]] in the [[shop]]. Higher '''affection''' increases the range of gifts and the amount of them she can give. == Gallery == [[File:placeholder|This thing on the doll information screen]]  +
Certain mobs on the combat map will chase an allied [[echelon]] once they enter it’s “aggro” radius. Areas marked in the red glowing circle are considered the range of its aggro. You can press and hold on enemies on the map to see their aggro radius (if any). Take note that in the event of multiple aggros, the closest one will be “marked” as the target and that certain radar [[node]]s can alter aggro. == Gallery == [[File:placeholder|That's how it looks]]  +
Refers to the Paradrop [[Fairy]]. Noted because of its extreme tactical application once fully upgraded. Often used in conjunction with Para Route to reflect a route taken for a stage that requires the use of the Parachute [[fairy]] to accomplish. == Gallery == [[File:placeholder|Image of a 5* Para Fairy]]  +
Refers to the '''airstrike''' [[fairy]], notably their skill which does a large [[AoE]] strike on the enemy. Can be used in conjunction with the stage 6-3N for easy experience. A video guide by Ceia can be seen on the right for a detailed explanation on 6-3N [[farming]]. Aside from having a very useful skill that activates at a useful time, also has useful [[aura]] [[buff]]s for damage, [[Accuracy]] and [[Evasion]]. Her skill is the bane of units such as [[Dinergate]]s and [[Tarantulas]]. == [[Link]]s == [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyvhFaq3DUM&list=PLrD5dZUvcdE5AmV18VUDZfUskxu1RKtM4&[[index]]=7&t=0s Video of it in action]  +
Sangvis Ringleader fought in 6-6, 6-4E and 6-6N. Boasting high damage and other stats, she’s quite a dangerous boss to deal with. Furthermore, her skills in which she prepares for an attack in which she visually splits herself and does a massive barrage of damage on the target. This will almost certainly bring them down to critical health so be warned! However, you can use this against her as if you retreat at the right moment before she splits, she will cancel her attack and stall for quite a while and not do anything. This will allow you pile on your damage to defeat her. Otherwise, kite and deal with her as necessary. For more information on this enemy and others, check out GFC's Enemy Analytic on the right! == Gallery == [[File:placeholder|Alchemist on the map and in battle]] == [[Link]]s == [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TjHC4Vaed8dFqSkagM6teNlmBjFGPiUbTRnTnvxnnu4/edit#gid=1899557107 Enemy document [[link]]]  +
Stands for Ammunition Box, the Machinegun exclusive equipment that fits in the [[T-Doll]] slot. Adds ammo, allowing them to shoot for longer before having to reload, but slightly decreases [[Evasion]].  +
VA-11 HALL-A collaboration [[fairy]] obtainable from the event store. Considered as a pseudo-sidegrade to the [[Warrior Fairy]]. It costs 80 White Knight [[Armor]] Fragments to purchase and 3 are available from the store. Since fairies can be expensive to produce, these should be highly considered to be obtained.  +