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Px4 Storm

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Px4 Storm


Ammo hp.png


Debuffs TeamTeam Crit Dmg Buff

Buffs All
Damage +24%
Accuracy +60%
HP 34 → 68x5
DMG 12 → 35
ACC 8 → 69
EVA 11 → 93
RoF 37 → 57
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Hunter's Bargain: Sacrifice 20% critical rate of all allies on her tiles to increase their critical damage by 50% for 8s.




Overhyped but definitely not overrated, Px4 StormHG is truly a monstrous HG.

Px4 StormHG's tiles grant perfect coverage in any F formation. With her skill Hunter's Bargain converting excessive crit rate to crit damage, she can become a terrifying damage booster to your team under the right circumstances. Because of how skills are always multiplicative, you need a crit rate of 125% instead of 120% to fully attain the 1.5x damage boost with a 100% crit rate post skill.

As Px4 StormHG buffs crit damage instead of raw damage, two factors must be accounted for when using her. Crit damage is applied after armor reduction, which makes it worse than a raw damage buff of equivalent potency against heavy armor. With good quality AP ammo/sufficient damage buffs this is generally a non-issue. Another consideration is that her skill is largely wasted if paired with dolls that have low crit rate or are reliant on non-crit skill damage (charge shot). Thus she should be paired with dolls that have crit scopes equipped.

RFs are able to address both of these considerations due to their inherently high base crit and ability to equip both crit scopes and AP ammo, which makes Px4 StormHG a near ideal partner for most self-buff RFs. While she can be used with ARSMG, this is a less effective use for her and is highly inadvisable at night. Even during the day, Px4 StormHG is a poorer fit for such teams than P22HG.

Despite these limitations, in the right circumstances the enormous 50% crit damage buff is something that almost no other HG can compete with, and the sheer potency of this buff easily makes her a Highly Recommended when paired with crit buffer. Without a crit buffer, she is not as strong, but still recommended.

Crit Rate Analysis

Px4 crit chart.png
Px4 crit chart 2.png

The effectiveness of Px4 StormHG's damage buff is heavily dependent on how much crit rate her buff targets have. At minimum, the dolls being buffed want at least 60% crit rate before her skill reduction; below this threshold her buff is less effective than 4* FP buffers and it would be better to run those. This means at minimum your dolls will want to be using crit scopes or suppressors, as these have an outsized influence on the final crit rate.

The good news is that with max calibration +10 gold crit scopes equipped, Px4 StormHG's skill buff averages out to 25% for ARs and almost 30% for RFs, even without any other buffs. Additional crit rate buffs from tiles and skills only improve Px4 StormHG's skill effect further. Any dolls with crit rate tiles like M1895HG, UMP45SMG, and JS9 will work as partners for Px4 StormHG, but particularly notable buffers include Five-seveNHG and PPKHG, both of whom can max out the post-crit rate buff on their own without any other crit rate buffers. (Note that PPKHG's skill buff is otherwise very anemic so you may be better off running someone else in most situations). PythonHG can also provide large amounts of crit rate by reflecting other crit buffs, such as when paired with Carcano M1891RF. Fury Fairy is also an option if one cannot fit in dolls that can buff crit rate, due to the skill boosting crit rate by 20%.

Note that while it may seem tempting, it is not suggested to use Bleeding Jane JillHG and Px4 StormHG together as JillHG's buff kicks in after Px4 StormHG has reduced the crit rate, severely cutting into the crit damage increase from Bleeding Jane since this is based on the amount of excess crit rate. You would get a significantly greater boost from replacing Px4 StormHG with a crit rate buffer, while using JillHG's Bleeding Jane skill merely to buff the crit rate for Px4 StormHG is very inefficient as it barely amounts to half a skill's worth of DPS.