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Ammo hp.png


Team FP BuffTeam RoF BuffTeam EVA BuffTeam ACC BuffTeam Crit Rate BuffSelf-Buff FP

Buffs All
Damage +30%
Crit Rate +20%
HP 35 → 70x5
DMG 13 → 40
ACC 9 → 81
EVA 9 → 82
RoF 31 → 49
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Embrace of the Fearless: Passive: Whenever Python receives damage/rate of fire/evasion/ accuracy/crit rate (including Fairies) skill buffs, increase the corresponding stats of allies on her tiles by 6%/6%/30%/30%/12% for 3s.

Active: The next six attacks will have a 100% chance of increasing self damage by 30% for 5s. Max 6 stacks.



  • Poor performance if used improperly
  • Require heavy investment on both herself and her teammates


PythonHG is a HG that exhibits the unique property of reflecting buffs she obtains from any source (read: any source that includes Talent procs from fairies) onto allies that are standing on her tiles. Embrace of the Fearless can reflect any unique buff up to 3 times regardless of the original multiplier. Whether it's a minor 4% RoF buff from Carcano M1891RF or a powerful 25% buff from M950AHG, PythonHG will return 6% RoF buff if she receives them. The active component of PythonHG's skill also triggers her passive, allowing her to buff her teammates through buffing herself. The self-buff only has a 100% chance of proccing at Skill Level 10, so it is generally recommended to max out her skill for consistency.

The best way to use PythonHG is to take advantage of her passive and therefore the most common compositions that you see will consist of 2 or more HGs to reflect their buffs. A mix of buffs such as those provided by SAAModHG's Skill 2 and similar are some of the best ways to proc multiple avenues of buffs at once. As such, PythonHG's preferred teams are either 5HGs (where her team and herself take advantage of this reflection mechanic), and RFHGs (where buffs are a very hot commodity anyway that getting more will almost never hurt you). Pink PythonHG comp is also enabled with PythonHG's introduction, capitalizing the constant buffing from Carcano M1891RF and the buff reflection of PythonHG. When paired with ValMod, PythonHG can provide nearly constant uptime on ValMod's Skill 2, letting her both shred through evasive targets as well as equip a VFL at night. A future mod for M500SG can generate a constantly refreshing HP shield on a PythonHG-centric team.

As a DPS unit, PythonHG is often used as the centerpiece of many HG-centric compositions. PythonHG's active turns her into a veritable damage dealer and can quickly outstrip conventional DPS units if given the chance. Note that PythonHG will require some RoF buffs in order to maintain six stacks of her Active for any amount of her time, as her base RoF is too low to let this happen. Take care that HG-centric comps are mostly used for showing off or farming specific maps and should not be taken into difficult situations.

As a regular buffer, the more irregularly timed buff sources she receives, like certain talents and skills, the more PythonHG contributes to pre-skill DPS. On the other hand, she is less used on conventional teams that lack such sources. While her tiles are good, other buffers generally perform better in those compositions due to their skill instantly activating rather than waiting for shots to go off, making her a decent pick as a generalist option. However, because of the powerful combos and dolls that revolve around her unique abilities, she is ultimately Highly Recommended.