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Ammo ap.png



Second Volley DPSSelf-Buff FP

Buffs SG
Accuracy +10%
Armor +15%
HP 83 → 165x5
DMG 29 → 86
ACC 4 → 33
EVA 4 → 35
RoF 83 → 126
Armor -
Clip 10
Crit 5%
Speed 4
Initial CD: 8s
CD: 18s
Slothful Rage: Active: Increase damage by 75% for 6s.

Passive: Switch to LMG mode if she moves, which increases movement speed by 50% and decreases accuracy by 20%. Remaining stationary for 6s will switch her to HMG mode, which increases the number of rounds fired per volley by 2 and accuracy by 30%.



  • Low base FP
  • 2nd volley skill
  • Movement speed buff rarely comes into play


Horsey MG Type 88 reporting in to the ArmorHoe club!

One of the newer dolls that features quirks of having both a passive and an active, Type 88 isn't actually that bad as a 2nd volley MG standalone performance wise. Having a rather competitive 2nd volley damage and easy + amazing tiles to use, she's actually not entirely that bad in terms of usage.

However, one of the main reasons why she's often shunned aside would be because of her competitors. M1918MG features a cheaper cost with slightly lower damage yet similar usage (but with better longevity due to Neural Upgrade), Type 80MG which is pretty much same as M1918MG but minus the tiles, and Mk48MG with better first volley performance.

However, if investment isn't much of an issue, Type 88 offers fairly unique (but underused) addition into your team. She's not bad by any means, but you'd have to judge the situation yourself. Is 2nd volley needed? Do you need that armor tiles over a stronger DPS MG? She does shine in the far future, where a new enemy that resembles a compass punishes slow movement speed yet demands shotgun tank setups similar to Judge.

Overall, Type 88 has an "optional" rating otherwise Recommended for armor stacking. Those who have the resources to do so can invest in her, but for others you'd really have to judge it according to what you have and what you need.