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Ammo ap.png


Cape 5star.png

Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF

Buffs HG
Cooldown -18%
HP 41 → 81x5
DMG 44 → 133
ACC 11 → 97
EVA 4 → 34
RoF 25 → 39
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 7
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 8s
Lucky Trigger: Passive: Consecutive attacks on the same target within 3s will increase rate of fire by 10% for 3s. Max 3 stacks. Stacks reset when target changes.

Active: Increase damage by 40% for 5s. The target switches to the farthest enemy until it dies. While the skill is active, stacks do not reset when target changes.



  • Passive is ineffective against soft targets
  • Targeting is changed on skill activation


A top tier self-buff RF and one of the newer additions to that category, R93 is a solid competitor for the likes of WA2000RF, Lee EnfieldRF and M14ModRF in both raw DPS and general usability, thanks to her potent stats and powerful hybrid skill.

R93 has incredible stats spread with high FP, RoF and Accuracy, a direct upgrade to even WA2000RF's. While FP and RoF are important, the high Accuracy is also appreciated for enemies that have significant Evasion and armor at night.

R93's skill "Lucky Trigger" has an active and a passive component. The passive has her ramp up her RoF against the same target after every shot, up to 3 stacks. Under the right conditions, this can give her extremely high pre-skill DPS, which is invaluable when you need to kill certain enemies before skill activation without compromising later damage output. The nature of her passive also means she benefits strongly from HGs with RoF tiles, as these let her build stacks faster.

Her active skill is a 40% FP self buff, but also makes it so her passive stacks no longer reset, turning it into a permanent 33% RoF buff for the duration of her skill. The multiplicative nature of hybrid skills like R93 is part of why she's so potent, as such the two combined buffs work out to an effective 86% damage multiplier under ideal conditions.

R93 is best used against high HP targets (i.e. Uhlans, Doppelsoldners, Hydras, Manticores) but is hardly a slouch in other scenarios. At worst she still has similar performance to other top of the line self buff RFs, while at her best she has overwhelming sustained DPS no other RF can match.

R93 is a guaranteed reward from the EN 2nd anniversary point event, meaning that while her availability is limited she's also not subject to production RNG, and it is Highly Recommended for every commander to get her from the event and level her.