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Echelon which uses Rifles and Handguns. 2RF3HG means running two rifles and 3 handguns.


This guide is written under the assumption that you already know the basics of the game, as there will be some min-maxing, common terminologies, nicknames as well as in-game mechanics that I won’t be explaining. If you happen to come across this doc as a newbie, consider checking out this Beginner’s Guide. For comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, etc., contact OmegaHymenBuster#7753 in the official discord or GFC discord.

This doc is last updated April 28th 2020.

Basic information

For the sake of clarity, the positions on the formation grid are referred as numbers on a computer numpad.

Corpse whipping

Corpse whipping is when two dolls shoot one target at the same interval, but the target dies to the first shot which wastes the second shot completely. Corpse whipping happens in every composition, not just RFHG alone. The main reason this section is made is that corpse whipping is a lot more detrimental to RFHG teams than to other compositions. RFHG deals high damage infrequently. A single bullet wasted to corpse whip costs the overall DPS of the team dearly. However, since RFHG does not have a fixed rate of fire, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of corpse whipping.

In order to reduce the chance of corpse whipping, the RFs must fire at different intervals. This can be done by having different RoF, either by running different RF types (post-skill), or by giving one RF more RoF buff than the other from tiles (pre-skill). A good RFHG satisfies both conditions.

Depending on the purpose of the team or the composition of the enemies, they can simply focus on not corpse whipping pre-skill or post-skill. Some examples include WA2000RF + SVDRF + Grizz + M950AHG + Welrod MkIIHG team. This team has always been dominant in EN since launch, despite both RF buffing their own RoF. The reason this team does well is because corpse whipping only occurs post-skill, where WA2000RF overcaps her RoF, and SVDRF catches up to her. One the other hand, there is a gap between WA2000RF and SVDRF pre-skill due to difference in tile buffs and base RoF which means less corpse whipping occurs. The team is used for mostly mobbing where battles end early. When battles do drag out, it’s usually against high health enemies. Shooting at around the same interval does not hurt their overall effective DPS given that they are not really shooting corpses anymore.

With the prevalence of Paradeus and elites in battles, corpse whipping becomes less of a concern the harder the content. Enemies are tanky enough that whipping one or two shots does not affect the outcome of the battle. At this stage, you do not need to pay attention to the RoF gap of the RFs anymore.

Same buff RFs

These comps give both RFs the exact tile buffs they need: RoF RFs get enough RoF to not overcap, and then FP. FP RFs get full RoF buffs as they already have high FP to begin with. Due to the RFs having the same buffs, it is not uncommon for them to shoot at similar intervals which unfortunately results in corpse whipping.

To combat this, the comps tend to have Welrod MkIIHG or similar HG providing an additional RoF buff to only one RF, desyncing them. Do keep in mind though that giving the additional RoF buff to the slower RF may not be optimal. Each RF has a different base RoF, and if the slower RF with the extra buff has just enough RoF to reach the same frame as the faster RF, they will corpse whip.

Fortunately, against tankier enemies, bosses or elites (Paradeus), corpse whipping is hardly an issue and thus these comps can often reap the full benefit provided that running same buff RFs do not affect their performance against said enemies (such as lack of damage to bypass armor in the case of two RoF RFs).

Different buff RFs

On the other hand, RFHGs with different buff RFs aim to minimize corpse whipping by having their RoF differ through their own self-buffs. On top of that, these comps can adapt to many scenarios: the RoF RF can swiftly take out the cannon fodders while the FP RF does heavy damage to high healthy key targets.

The comps naturally build around the RoF RF, giving just enough RoF to not overcap and the rest into FP, leaving FP RF with much lower RoF upon skill activation. This is its weakness, as the FP RF is slow and more prone to overkill (dealing too much damage to a low health target).

Comparisons Once developed, both comps have very similar performance to each other. This is further reinforced by the fact that if your RFHGs are developed, they would be fighting more cutting-edge contents where enemies are tanky enough that corpse whipping is the last thing you need to worry about.

Pre-skill performance is based on the base stats of the RFs rather than what type of buff they have. Both FP and RoF RFs have similar stats spread so there would be little to no difference between them when their self-buff is not considered.

Post-skill performance tends to only matter against enemies that can counter one type over the other, such as Hydra with its high enough armor to take minimal damage against RoF RFs. In this case it is more of an error in using the tool for the wrong purpose rather than the fault of the tool itself.

The differences become more apparent when the team is not fully developed, when the dolls are not fully skilled and the equips are not enhanced, calibrated or gold rarity.

Same buff FP RFHG depends heavily on the skill level and the quality of the HGs, as they don’t have RoF self-buff, and will suffer from low RoF at this stage. Same buff RoF RFHG thrives at this stage since they are more independent than their FP counterparts. However, they suffer the hardest when they finally hit the wall that is Hydra, Gundam and the like: their equips, specifically AP ammo may not be enhanced and calibrated to contribute to penetrating the high armor of these enemies, and the FP HG on their team may not be sufficiently skilled either. Mixed comp falls right in between. They are neither the strongest at the early stage, nor the weakest when hit with a roadblock. They are simply adaptable.

Standard comp Grizz M950AHG Welrod MkIIHG

This is the well-balanced comp that has a good mix of offense, defense and practical RoF spread to minimize corpse whipping. This comp runs 1 FP HG (GrizzlyHG), 1 RoF HG (M950AHG) and 1 defensive HG (Welrod MkIIHG). The ideal RFs of choice are WA2000RF and Lee EnfieldRF/StellaRF, but other self-buff RFs are acceptable.

The general idea of this comp is to give one RF more RoF buff than the other, offsetting their RoF in order to reduce corpse whipping pre-skill. This comp also does well in terms of defense thanks to Welrod MkIIHG and buffed M950AHG. At max level and +10 equips, M950AHG would have approximately the same Evasion as Welrod MkIIHG with Grizz’s Evasion buff.

In the past, WA2000RF and SVDRF were paired together in this comp so seeing WA2000RF with Lee EnfieldRF instead may be odd to some, but there are good reasons to run Lee EnfieldRF with WA2000RF:

Lee EnfieldRF and SVDRF have essentially the same performance pre-skill due to base stats, thus most of their mobbing potential is similar.

Lee EnfieldRF covers the weakness of fighting tanky enemies. With new content coming out, enemies tend to be more diverse, with nodes of trash mobs among nodes with elites, and nodes filled with high priority target being escorted by other trash mobs. Lee EnfieldRF tends to overkill versus trash mobs, but her damage is not wasted against the tankier ones, especially when fighting against enemies such as Hydra whose armor is higher than your AP stats.

Having one RoF RF and one FP RF built leads to better adaptability. New contents in the past have come as a surprise for many players, introducing heavily armored enemies that they don’t often see as such as Gundams (Va11 Halla collab). Some of these players run only one RFHG that consists of WA2000RF SVDRF as their RFs, resulting in many issues where they are unable to break through these dangerous foes.

On the other hand, for those who wish to focus purely on mobbing, StellaRF is a great choice. She can naturally desync her RoF with WA2000RF from being a FP self-buffer. On top of that, she shoots two targets at the same time, ensuring that one of her shots is never the same as one that WA2000RF is targeting. Even if corpse whips occur, StellaRF only loses half her damage, as each attack is divided into two shots. Other than that, she retains the same weaknesses as SVDRF when fighting against heavily armored and high health enemies.

TLDR: - The standard comp is a balanced, jack-of-all-trade comp with good offense, defense and avoid corpse whipping.

Crit based comp Five-seveNHG Px4 StormHG

The bursty comp focusing on massive damage output via RFs’ high crit chance and crit damage multiplier on top of Px4 StormHG’s incredibly strong crit damage buff when paired with crit buff of Five-seveNHG, effectively giving the team 50% bonus damage. The buff distribution is also better with Px4 StormHG being able to buff both RFs from position 8. You can expect 1k+ shots with skill pop, and even more so if you decide to run an additional FP HG instead of Welrod MkIIHG.

Due to EN not having AP change yet, heavily armored enemies can reduce the damage of this team, but that is hardly a problem due to just how hard-hitting the comp is. The main issue of this comp however, is corpse whipping, especially pre-skill and if you don’t pay attention to the base RoF of the RFs. As a result, if you wish to use this team for mobbing, do pay attention to the base RoF of the RFs. Otherwise, this team is best used against tankier enemies, where this weakness does not affect the outcome of the battle.

As an alternative for those without Five-seveNHG, run StechkinHG PPKHG Px4 StormHG instead.

Pink PythonHG comp

As the name suggested, this comp is built around Carcano M1891RF and the recently added PythonHG. corsage#0001 made a guide on this comp that you can take a look.

The RFs

RFs are separated into two categories, the generalists which include FP and RoF RFs, and the specialists.

- WA2000RF, SVDRF, K31RF, T5000: The RoF RFs, they shoot fast and are ideal for mobbing. While WA2000RF and SVDRF are straight forward, K31RF reduces her Accuracy for her RoF buff, making her less than ideal when used against evasive enemies, or against non-armors at night. T5000 is the opposite, her RoF buff is weaker, but comes with additional Accuracy buff.

- 4 ShikiRF: An addition to the RoF RFs, 4 ShikiRF has a lower RoF multiplier, but with her own gimmick of firing penetrating shots capable of bypassing armor and Evasion. This makes her a strong contender for a night RFHG team where fighting evasive enemies is unavoidable. Her penetrating shots unfortunately cannot crit, as it is still technically a charged shot.

- Lee EnfieldRF, M14RF, Gr G28RF, SRSRF: The FP RFs, slow but hard-hitting, great against high health or heavily armored targets. SRSRF is the T5000 of FP RFs, buffing less FP but gaining Accuracy. Fortunately, weaker FP buff does not hurt her as much as weaker RoF buff hurts T5000, so the more notable downside for her would be her slightly longer ICD.

- StellaRF: A FP RF who shares her strengths and weaknesses with RoF RFs instead. By halving her shot into two, she can target two enemies at a time, giving her great mobbing potential. At the same time, due to weaker damage per shot and her lower skill multiplier and longer ICD, her single target DPS does not match with the likes of WA2000RF and Lee EnfieldRF. Purely a mobbing RF, she is best used for earlier stages where mobs are weak and the need for concentrated single target DPS (fighting Gundam) is low.

- Carcano M91/38RF (Purple): Specialist RF geared towards assassinating high-pRoFile targets (Hydra, Manticore, Gundam) due to her 45x multiplier. Despite her skill indicating her weakness against bosses and elites, many elites remove their tags after stopping once (or in the case of 10-4e Hydra, at the start of battle), allowing her to deal full damage against them.

Beside bosses and certain trash mobs that are treated as pure elite for some unknown reasons, the list of enemies that cannot have their elite tags removed includes Uhlans, Typhoon, Goliaths and Strider. Purple will deal penalised damage against these enemies even if they’ve already stopped once.

- Carcano M1891RF (Pink): A support, semi-generalist whose purpose is to be paired with PythonHG in their own comp. As a standalone, she blows. Her self-buff is weak, her passive is RNG, hence semi-generalist. She shines specifically in Pink PythonHG, where PythonHG can reflect Pink’s constant buffing to give the backline, including the 2nd RF. The amount of buffs on this comp can easily put the backline on insane steroids, dishing out a great amount of DPS. Refer to the guide linked in their section.

- IWS 2000RF: Specialist RF who gives herself an overwhelming FP buff as a result of reducing her own RoF. Just like the traditional FP RFs, she excels at fighting against high health, heavily armored targets, but to the extreme. This makes her ideal for fighting multiple elites as her damage is not concentrated in one or two shots like Purple, but spread out in multiple shots over the 10 seconds duration of her skill. She was paired with M4A1AR MOD in older servers, creating a double Jupiter team, which was used against groups of Gundams in Continuum Turbulence ranking map. With the introduction to new t-dolls previously unavailable to the older servers at the time such as M200RF, her future is uncertain as these dolls may replace her. Double Jupiter vs 111k Uhlan. Double Jupiter vs 51k Gundam.

- M200RF: Specialist RF who may enter Sniper Mode for the duration of her skill, firing 100% accurate shots that can crit at the cost of fixed aim time. Unlike IWS 2000RF, she cannot shoot faster with RoF buffs due to this fixed aim time, but it does make it easier to work with her kit as she only needs FP and crit. M200RF excels at fighting multiple elites, including those with Evasion like Uhlans which were commonly seen in Continuum Turbulence and theater.

- Kar98kRF: Once the butt of every joke, with the rework of charge shot skills, Kar is now a proper specialist RF. Her skill has a very low ICD of 4s, while dishing out quite a decent amount, along with the benefit of being a charge shot (ignoring Evasion/armor). Although not as good as Purple due to the lower damage, Kar’s skill has no penalty against elites unlike Purple, whose skill is penalized against ones that cannot have their elite tags removed (such as Uhlans). Despite having 4s ICD, her targeting makes her unreliable at fighting regular mobs, as she may target non-threatening meatshields, or half dead targets.

The HGs

And DorothySMG, because she can buff RFs and add another flavor to teambuilding. They are mainly divided into FP HGs, RoF HGs and defensive HGs, with certain specialists that may be used.

- M950AHG, Five-seveNHG, StechkinHG: The RoF HGs, a staple to the comp. Almost every RFHG has at least one of them.

- Grizz, SAAHG, Gr Mk23HG, K5HG: The FP HGs, they come secondary to the RoF HGs, but nonetheless useful and even essential against certain enemies such as Hydra and Gundam.

- Welrod MkIIHG, MakarovHG: The defensive HGs, particularly in terms of Evasion. Once a staple, as of late they are not as important due to dangerous enemies that can overpower or even bypass Evasion (Hydra and Gundam). Outside of said elites, they are useful against regular mobs.

- ContenderHG: Contrary to popular belief, ContenderHG does not fulfill the role of a typical FP HGs. Her skill is a single-target debuff rather than a team-wide buff. This leads to her underperformance when fighting against multiple targets (mobbing). Instead she is used either against single targets such as bosses (albeit rare and mostly against easy bosses as RFHG is not durable nor mobile enough for bossing), or when you require her target redirection.

- Px4 StormHG: Crit damage buffer, she should always be paired with Five-seveNHG, or to an extent, PPKHG. Functions similarly to a FP HG, but she does not replace one when it comes to brute-forcing armor. As a side note, she should not be paired with Bleeding Jane JillHG either as JillHG depends on the overcapped crit rate, and Px4 StormHG reduces crit rate.

- JillHG: Quite literally a tile slut. She has very good tile buff and coverage and the ability to fill one of many roles with her list of drinks. But ultimately, it is rare to be able to take advantage of the second part, as she comes with a 9s ICD (6s CD and 3s mixing). Even with capped CDR on her, she still takes 7.2s to activate her skill when other HGs have already done so at 6s at the latest, not to mention she is immobile while mixing, thus cannot really kite during this crucial time frame (and is quite detrimental even if you use her in long battles). Only used in very specific setups like burst setup, or for hitting very high numbers (Bleeding Jane and Fringe Weaver). She finds her use mostly either as a true tile slut, or in long battles where regular movement is unnecessary (fighting Uhlans with taunt fairy).

- DorothySMG: The one of a kind SMG who can buff RFs (at least until Gr MP5SMG received her neural upgrade). The advantages DorothySMG has over HGs is her tank-oriented stats spread and her passive-like defensive skill. Clearly she has an advantage against mobs where flimsy HGs with long cooldown cannot survive. Her disadvantage is her lack of skill buff, and that in many cases Taunt or Airstrike fairy can buy enough time for the team, or outright neutralizing the threats on high pressure nodes.

- PythonHG: PythonHG is a special case. Team comps are often built around her ability to reflect buffs, which include 5HG, AS ValAR MOD and Pink PythonHG. Knowing these comps, it’s hard to make the mistake of putting her into an non-synergistic where she is worse than your general buffer HGs. On the topic of RFHG, PythonHG is paired with Pink (Carcano M1891RF) for the latter’s ability to give buffs constantly. Along with PythonHG’s buff reflection, these constant buffs are translated into even more buffs, multiplying on top of each other. In short, she’s strong when used right, and you can refer to the guide linked in their section to have a better understanding on what makes Pink PythonHG so powerful.


Doc on RFHG teambuilding