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Ammo hp.png


Main TankSelf-Buff EVADebuffs Enemy

Buffs AR
Accuracy +35%
Rate of Fire +10%
HP 97 → 194x5
DMG 11 → 27
ACC 2 → 14
EVA 10 → 71
RoF 68 → 97
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Initial CD: 3s
CD: 12s
Mental Deterrence: Decrease all enemies' damage by 25% and increase self evasion by 70% for 5s.



  • Can only be obtained once (7-6)


Not only do players acquire RO635 for free at Level 90 x5 Dummy Link for completing 7-6, she is also one of the best maintank SMGs in the game, matching her main cast role. All of RO635's tanking stats are already very solid, and she frequently receives an additional map bonus of +20% Evasion in later story maps and event maps.

RO635 specializes in early damage mitigation using her short ICD self-buff/debuff skill. Mental Deterrence is a versatile skill that combines a massive EVA buff with damage reduction on top of an incredibly short 3s ICD. It is more than capable of tanking short mob battles, burst damage in boss fights (provided her uptime of 5/12s isn't an issue), and the debuff component can even help reduce incidental damage taken by the offtank.

Her tile buff provides a fairly small amount of RoF and Accuracy, and unfortunately her 10% boost is just short of letting some ARs (AN-94AR, Gr G36AR MOD and several night ARs) hit a higher frame threshold compared to other RoF MT tile buffs like UMP9SMG's 12% or MP7SMG's 15%. When building a team with RO in mind, her tile is not often a big factor, but rather her more powerful skill and stats.

RO635's unique and powerful kit cements her as a Highly Recommended maintank. In any fight where a good maintank can be appreciated, you can always count on RO for some shock and awe.