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Ammo ap.png


Speq rico.png

Self-Buff FPSurehitAoE

Buffs HG
Cooldown -18%
HP 40 → 80x5
DMG 47 → 130
ACC 10 → 80
EVA 4 → 33
RoF 25 → 37
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 7
Initial CD: 4s
CD: 10s
Tower of Tisiphone: Passive: Obtain a Tarot Card every 3 attacks, up to a maximum of 3 Tarot Cards. Each Tarot Card increases her damage by 15% for 5s.

Active: Consume all Tarot Cards and fire a shot that cannot be dodged, dealing 3x damage to the furthest target (able to crit). Additionally, deal additional damage to enemies within a 1 unit radius around the target. The additional damage is equal to 0.5x the number of Tarot Cards consumed, up to a maximum of 1.5x damage.


  • Excellent burst DPS
  • AoE capability
  • Superb crit damage from her exclusive equipment


  • Collab Locked doll
  • Subpar AoE coverage


RicoRF is a welcomed surprise coming from the Gunslinger Girls collab, entering G&K as an exceptional general use RF.

RicoRF's base stats, although not exceptional, still keeps up with the likes of WA2000RF, R93RF and Lee EnfieldRF. Her skill “Tower of Tisiphone”, passively grants her a 15% FP buff every 3 shots, up to 45% total due to the 3 stack limit.

While this is less compared to Lee EnfieldRF (75% FP buff), RicoRF's FP buff is passive and gives her significantly higher uptime than Lee EnfieldRF.

“Tower of Tisiphone” also has an active component that lets RicoRF deal 3x damage to the furthest enemy, and additionally hit enemies around that target. This bamboo+AoE combo sounds good on paper, but in practice due to the fact that she targets the furthest enemy, the resulting AoE would affect fewer enemies compared to similar dolls like QBU-88RF where the AoE's center is the enemy with highest HP.

What makes RicoRF truly shine is her exclusive equipment “Dueling cards”. It grants RicoRF a massive crit damage boost of 45%, which is 20% higher than a normal gold cape and far higher than even other RFs with a special cape like StellaRF. This massive crit damage boosts her into the ranks of other top tier RFs, achieving DPS levels higher than both Lee EnfieldRF and WA2000RF. This equipment also meant that RicoRF synergizes well with crit rate buffing HG such as Five-seveNHG, as she will benefit slightly more from having maxed crit compared to other RF.

Speaking purely from a gameplay perspective, RicoRF is the most important doll you need to get from the gunslinger girl collab. Her massive crit damage boost means that she can deal high damage consistently, and the fact that her AoE skill is subpar can be ignored as long as you treat that as the cherry on top and rely on her autoattack DPS instead. She is one of the best general-use RF out there.

Highly Recommended.