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HP Shield

Buffs MG
Damage +10%
Accuracy +15%
HP 141 → 282x5
DMG 12 → 29
ACC 2 → 13
EVA 2 → 12
RoF 24 → 33
Armor 3 → 22
Clip 4
Crit 40%
Speed 6
Initial CD: 2s
CD: 8s
Theory of Fortification: Grant a 35HP shield to all allies positioned at the front row for 5s.



  • Rare AF


Just from the moment you look at her, everything is perfect. She has good tile coverage, servicable armor, backed up by having the highest HP among SGs.

But the biggest winner here is her skill. In contrary to SGs' standard high CD that makes you wonder if they will ever be used in battle, S.A.T.8SG pops one within 2 seconds.

A shield with only 35 HP may appear to rather weak, but given SGs' ability to reduce their received damage via armor, it won't be busted so easily. And when it does, another one comes up thanks to the very low CD of only 8 seconds. If you were taking scratch damage before, S.A.T.8SG will let you finish a battle completely unharmed.

Did I mention that this shield is granted to any t-doll, of any type, as long as they are in the front row? Big synergy right there with fellow SGs if she is paired with one. (Frontline in the skill description means position 3,6 and 9)

If this wasn't enough to make it blatantly clear, here's a big Highly Recommended in bold.