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Sei Asagiri

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Sei Asagiri


Ammo hp.png

Speq sei.png

HP Shield

Buffs All
Damage +30%
Evasion +20%
HP 43 → 85x5
DMG 11 → 30
ACC 8 → 59
EVA 10 → 77
RoF 36 → 53
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 10s
White Knight's Shield: Grant ally SGs, SMGs, and HGs a shield with a base HP of 32 points for 5s. The shield gains additional HP based upon the target's missing HP, with the minimum increase being 0.8x and the maximum being 1.8x.

When Stella is present, Sei's attacks count toward Stella's passive skill.

Favorite Drink: When buffed by a Moonblast, skill takes effect for the duration of the Moonblast, and the additional shield HP gain based upon the target's missing HP is doubled.



  • Shield does not protect the DPS classes
  • Has no offensive skill buff
  • Limited collab doll (VA11-Hall-A)


Our lovely ex-White Knight lady is here, providing assistance to those in need with her shield... or not?

Sharing the same tiles as GrizzlyHG, it's no doubt that SeiHG has amazing tile coverage. Her skill offers protection for SMG/HG/SG, especially against AoE attacks due to how shields reduce AoE attacks from hitting all links to be counted as hitting 1 link. As such, she provides pretty good protection against Cyclops nades and Rodelero lasers. However, due to her shield not covering AR/RF/MG, who are often the DPSes of the team, it makes her skill less desirable against any uncontrollable AoE attacks that can hit the backline (Doppelsoldners). For a HG that provides a less picky team-wide shield, HS2000HG is your choice. If you only need to increase the survivability of your tanks with shields, P22HG is an option. Additionally, both can provide extra DPS buffs on top of their shields.

You'll see uses for her in a more defensive oriented ARSMG/RFHG team with the shielding. Otherwise, her skill isn't that versatile as compared to your traditional buffs/debuffs (FP/RoF up for team or ACC down for enemies). She earns a "Specialist" status.