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Ammo hp.png


Main TankSelf-Buff EVA

Buffs AR
Evasion +10%
Rate of Fire +15%
HP 84 → 168x5
DMG 9 → 24
ACC 2 → 14
EVA 10 → 79
RoF 65 → 95
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 8s
Evasion Focus: Increase self evasion by 130% for 5s.




Shipka is a 4★ Evasion tank SMG just like SuomiSMG. The difference is that she trades a good chunk of HP for more Evasion. Unfortunately however, losing the HP turns out to be her downfall, making her a worse SuomiSMG. As an Evasion tank, she is specialised in face-tanking long battle thanks to the constant uptime of Evasion focus. Be aware however, it is a specialised role as the initial cooldown is long and unsuitable for short battles.

Unlike SuomiSMG, Shipka has a generous amount of Evasion. Although her skill has worse multiplier than SuomiSMG's, her base Evasion is more than make up for it. Under the effect of the skill, she has higher Evasion than SuomiSMG, scoring nearly 300 Evasion just by herself.

While gaining more Evasion is a step in the right direction, losing so much HP hurts her role. Due to how niche Evasion tanks are, they are best used against long drawn out battles, including some boss battles where a single hit from the boss hurts a lot. With her lower effective HP, she cannot tank as many hits as someone like SuomiSMG, especially when luck is not in your favour. The high base Evasion may give her a better time as a generalist than SuomiSMG, but it would be unwise to use her as one over a proper generalist such as UMP45SMG and RO. Shipka is Not Recommended.