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Short for Simulation. Refers to the simulations under the combat menu. These simulations are used to collect certain resources, such as enhancement capsules, data for skill levening, experience for echelons, Calibration tickets from Defense Drills, and later on, resources for the upcoming MOD system. Note that not all sims are open at the same time unless an event that makes them so is underway. Monday / Thursday is for enhancement capsules, Tuesday / Friday is for Data Sims and Wednesday / Saturday is for Exp sims. On Sunday, all 3 are open. Also, Defense Drills are open every day of the week as well. Alternatively, some use “data sims” refers to Data Mode, “Exp sim” refers to EXP Mode etc. Some may refer to simulations depending on their difficulty, like “adv sim” to refer to the advanced version of a simulation (see the right entry for details) Can also refer to the DPS / Echelon simulation.