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Spectre M4

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Spectre M4


Ammo hp.png


Main TankSelf-Buff EVA

Buffs AR
Damage +20%
HP 88 → 176x5
DMG 10 → 25
ACC 2 → 12
EVA 10 → 66
RoF 63 → 88
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 8s
Evasion Focus: Increase self evasion by 110% for 5s.




A girl who think she's popular but in truth she's ignored by everyone. Spectre M4 is an early game SMG that's focused on Evasion tanking, nothing much to say.

Having stats of 66 Evasion and 880 HP while possessing the 6s initial CD Evasion skill means she's another face-tanking and Evasion-reliant SMG. Her high HP is good enough, but her mediocre Evasion when coupled with Evasion boosting skill isn't doesn't fortify her survivability by a lot. Even IDWSMG arguably does a better job in terms of Evasion tanking. Her tile buff should be usable for early game, judging how it only buffs the AR directly behind her while giving a nice 20% FP boost. That's one good point that goes to Spectre rather than IDWSMG.

Then again, I suppose there's lots of other alternatives beside Spectre and the other 2★ SMG folks. And thus, Spectre will be ignored again. Not Recommended

  • "Lonely" by Akon playing in the background*