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Speq springfield.png


Cape 5star.png

Charged Shot

Buffs HG
Cooldown -15%
HP 42 → 84x5
DMG 45 → 128
ACC 9 → 72
EVA 5 → 40
RoF 21 → 32
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 7
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 5s
CD: 11s
Steady Shot: Start to charge after skill cooldown. Increase charges by 1 stack every second, 5 stacks maximum. Tap the skill to aim for 1s, remove all charges and deal 2.8x - 6x to the furthest target depending on the number of stacks.


  • Has a special ammo that boosts her RoF significantly


  • Low base RoF
  • Reliance on special equip to perform adequately
  • Charge shot not optimal for general usage


SpringfieldRF is a beginner-friendly RF that can jump start your first RFHG until you can replace her with better ones, as she is given to new players after clearing 5-4 at Level 70 and 4x Dummy Link.

SpringfieldRF's stats and skill are far from optimal. She has a pitiful 32 RoF and 128 FP, which is quite low for a charged-shot RF. Early on, she is not used as a charged-shot RF, but rather a generalist, in which case her skill is not very suitable for the job. Comparing to M14RF, a 3★ RF, SpringfieldRF is weaker in every aspect: her RoF is much lower, and while her FP is higher, she lacks a self-buff like M14RF does and her sustained DPS suffers.

While SpringfieldRF's performance as a generalist can be improved by obtaining her special equipment in 1-4N, the process is time- and resource-consuming to the point where players would benefit more by simply leveling another RF instead.

Her availability gives SpringfieldRF a use early on to fill a spot in an early RFHG, but ultimately she is just a temporary option due to her poor stats. She is Recommended for early game, and Not Recommended once you can replace her.

As a side note, SpringfieldRF was once considered a small bamboo, a nuke RF capable of one-shotting bosses when paired with FP HGs and her partner, Mosin-NagantRF. Sadly this is only true in the past, as new bosses are more than capable of avoiding being one-shot with their complex kit and higher health pool. As a result, the boss OHKO niche is no longer relevant, and other team comps with better sustained damage output can easily outperform her in such encounters. Even for high-priority targets like Hydras and Gundams, other anti-elite specialists can handle these much better, especially since SpringfieldRF's targeting of the furthest enemy may not always let her hit the right foe.