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Speq stechkin.png

Ammo hp.png


Team RoF BuffTeam FP Buff

Buffs All
Damage +12%
Rate of Fire +24%
HP 42 → 83x5
DMG 11 → 28
ACC 6 → 44
EVA 9 → 66
RoF 45 → 65
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Assault Command: Increase all allies' rate of fire by 22% (and damage by 4% if equipped with Stechkin Buttstock) for 8s.




Stechkin is one of few backline RoF buffing HGs with a high rarity, with the other choice being Five-seveNHG, who cannot be crafted.

Stechkin is used in any team that prefers a generous amount of RoF buffing. She is a staple in RFHG, especially with the slow, heavy-hitting FP RFs such as Lee EnfieldRF. She can also be used with RoF RFs, as well as occasionally ARSMG. Additionally, she buffs FP. A HG buffing both main offensive stats via tiles is rare.

Despite similar performance between Stechkin and Five-seveNHG as position 4 RoF HGs, Stechkin's FP buff serves as a distinction over Five-seveNHG in certain cases. Night ARSMG teams cannot usually take full advantage of crit buffs (due to wearing PEQs), but can utilize the FP buff. Various skills scale purely on FP, such as nades and bamboo. However, for buffing generalist RFs, Five-seveNHG has a slight advantage over Stechkin, due to the strength of maxed critical chance from Five-seveNHG's buffs.

With all that said, Stechkin is definitely Highly Recommended.