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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.




Ammo hv.png


Night FocusSelf-Buff FP

Buffs SMG
Damage +15%
Accuracy +25%
HP 62 → 124x5
DMG 20 → 54
ACC 6 → 44
EVA 5 → 40
RoF 52 → 76
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 5s
CD: 16s
Annihilation Focus N: During nighttime, increase damage by 100% (45% during day time) and critical rate by 40% (25% during day time) for 8s.



  • Lower multiplier than her Night competitors
  • Crit rate is generally ineffective at night due not being able to use VFL


T65 is yet another Night focused doll that is able to contend with her 5★ counterpart despiter her lower rarity.

T65 functions as 95% of T91AR in power due to T65's much better stat distribution despite her lower rarity as T65 has a higher base damage stat than T91AR. T65 put her stats in the right places and it makes her very capable despite T65 being lower rarity. She has a powerful tile buff for offtanks in the night time with good coverage.

Her skill essentially functions the same as T91AR, it has the issue in that critical rate doesn't do much in the night time as they won't be equiping VFLs in the night time but has the benefit over standard Damage Focus N in that it has a better uptime. While T65's multiplier is lower it's nothing to scoff at when you consider her base damage is the highest of any of the night ARs. The higher base damage makes her able to contend with the likes of 9A-91AR (non speq) if the uptime allows. The higher uptime can be useful in the context of fighting high numbers of mobs at medium HP where overkilling is a common occurance making a higher uptime very pleasing to have.

T65 is one of the more impressive monthly dolls, for her rating she packs a punch and If you don't have enough night ARs or looking to invest in one soon then T65 is good option for a low price. Recommended for night.