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Ammo ap.png


Cape 5star.png

Charged Shot

Buffs HG
Cooldown -18%
HP 44 → 87x5
DMG 52 → 155
ACC 10 → 83
EVA 4 → 31
RoF 21 → 32
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 7
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 5s
CD: 11s
Maple Firefly: Passive: TAC's drone will randomly mark an enemy after skill cooldown (changes every second) after reaching 5 stacks of charges.

Active: Start to charge after skill cooldown. Increase charges by 1 stack every second, 5 stacks maximum. Tap the skill to aim for 1s, remove all charges and deal 2.2x - 4.5x damage (able to crit) to the highest HP enemy depending on the number of stacks. Will prioritize attacking the marked enemy if there is one.




TAC-50, your friendly maple syrup has come along to shake up the bamboo scene. Unfortunately, this area is already as dead as a cemetery. TAC-50 is another nuke RF with an interesting twist.

She suffers from a much lower base multiplier compared to her counterparts, but her nuke is able to crit, which makes her shot extra potent with the right fairies and HGs. From her base alone, she's able to hit 7.875x damage when critting with a fully upgraded cape. Pair it with a 5* shiny Command Fairy? You're hitting around 14.56~x worth of damage without HG buffs on crits.

While big numbers are fun and all, TAC-50 is still unable to escape her nature as a nuke shot RF. Her drone also causes a huge headache, randomly jumping between targets every second. You'd most likely have to manual her and squint your eyes to look out for where she's marking, after all you wouldn't want her to fire that meganuke on some Dinergate instead of the boss, would ya.

While she sits on the throne of nuke shots, ultimately she'd still be a queen without much content to rule over. She'd be an excellent choice if you're looking for bamboos to raise, however you'd still be better off raising traditional DPS/Self buffing RFs over any bamboos. TAC-50 earns herself a "Not Recommended" status, or at best a "niche" status. Having such a devasting nuke shot does however open up more possiblites in nuking bosses, so if that's what you're looking for, feel free to grab yourself some maple syrup.