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Ammo hp.png


Night FocusDebuffs Enemy

Buffs All
Rate of Fire +32%
HP 42 → 83x5
DMG 11 → 28
ACC 7 → 46
EVA 9 → 63
RoF 44 → 63
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Firepower Supression N: During nighttime, decrease all enemies' damage by 40% (22% during daytime) for 8s (5s during daytime).



  • Very low base Evasion
  • Limited application outside of SG and barrier teams
  • RoF tile buff does not pair well with MGSG
  • Limited monthly login reward doll (June 2020)


TEC-9 is one of the few monthly t-dolls who is not lackluster like the rest. As a FP debuff HG, she can function similar to Nagant Revolver, but instead providing RoF buff rather than FP buff.

TEC-9 comes with a powerful 32% RoF buff from her tiles, a number rivaling even 5★ HGs. Her tile formation is odd, but well-placed, allowing her to buff both DPS when placed at position 4, or cover 7 and 4 when placed in the front, fitting right into HS2000HG's team comp.

TEC-9's main utility is her FP debuff. Just like her predecessor Nagant Revolver, she is used in tandem with armor and/or barrier to greatly reduce damage taken. This includes the armored MGSGs and the anti-Gundam comps that run barrier. In barrier comps, the FP debuff allows the barrier to withstand the damage from the Gundam's AoE grenade skill, effectively nullifying their damage. On the other hand, due to her RoF tile buff, she is not the best pick in MGSG team, unless her FP debuff utility far outweighs the loss of tile buff. In this case, TEC-9 is likely to be used alongside Nagant Revolver to stack their debuffs, ensuring that the SGs can tank most if not all attacks.

For new players, TEC-9 is not immediately useful for she is rather niche. However, her use in barrier comp lets this lowly 3★ t-doll shines against Gundams, one of the deadliest enemies in the game. She is Recommended.