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Speq triela.png


Self-buff RoFSelf-Buff FP

Buffs MG
Damage +10%
Accuracy +15%
HP 127 → 253x5
DMG 14 → 37
ACC 2 → 12
EVA 2 → 12
RoF 18 → 26
Armor 3 → 21
Clip 4
Crit 40%
Speed 6
Initial CD: 8s
CD: 16s
Puppet Trick: Passive: When there is an enemy unit within a 2 unit distance, switch to using a bayonet to deal 2x damage to the nearest target. In this state, no ammo is consumed and Rate of Fire increases by 50%. If there are no enemy units within a 2 unit distance, increases maximum hit targets by 1.

This passive will not take effect when Slug ammo is equipped.

Active: Increase damage by 80% and movement speed by 6 for 8s.


  • Deals relatively high damage for an SG
  • Good tile buff and coverage


  • Subpar armor
  • Collab-locked doll


As an SG, TrielaSG has an armor value of 21, less than the 22 armor average for high-rarity SG. This makes her a less-than-ideal tank.

TrielaSG's skill “Puppet Trick” has a passive component that lets her melee enemies for double damage at 50% increased Rate of Fire, if any enemy unit gets within 2 units range of her. This significantly increases her damage output as an SG, especially since TrielaSG's melee attacks do not consume ammo. The active component of TrielaSG's skill further increases her damage by 80% and grants some movement speed, which can help TrielaSG get in range of enemies to activate her passive.

TrielaSG's Bayonet in action

Therefore there is the potential for TrielaSG to be one of the best DPS SG out there, but since SG base stats are inherently less than other classes, TrielaSG will have a hard time reaching the same DPS levels as standard AR/RF units. Especially the poor Accuracy hindering her to deal damage to even enemies with low Evasion. Also note that her bayonet won't activate if she is equipped with slugs, so you cannot buff her FP via this route.

Overall, TrielaSG is a decent SG despite her relatively weak armor, and certainly an upgrade over the freebie SG Type97SSG. New players can train her if they plan to make their first MGSG team, but overall she is Optional.