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Speq ump exo.png

Ammo hp.png


Main TankCrowd Control

Buffs AR
Damage +18%
Crit Rate +30%
HP 93 → 185x5
DMG 11 → 28
ACC 2 → 13
EVA 10 → 74
RoF 57 → 82
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Initial CD: 1s
CD: 16s
Smoke Grenade: Launch a smoke grenade that decreases enemy rate of fire by 40% and movement speed by 50% within a radius of 2.5 units for 4 seconds




Since launch, UMP45 has always been regarded as the ideal maintank SMG when it comes to general content. What she offers isn't amazing tank stats or skill, although she does have nicely balanced stats overall, but by having easily the best tile buffs among SMGs.

Her tile buffs give a powerful combination of FP and critical rate, both being valuable to ARs. With the change in critical damage calculation and fairies, critical rate buffs have only gotten stronger since launch. The buff she provides beats even 5★ SMG in terms of value. You would expect such a tile buff to be on one or at most two tiles, yet UMP45's tiles cover all 3 ARs at the back, opening up her potential in 3AR teams. Keep in mind however that critical rate buffs are largely ineffective during nighttime, where ARs wear PEQs instead of VFLs for Accuracy, reducing their base critical rate down to only 20%, or 26% with UMP45's tile buff (unless they're ST AR-15AR or M4 SOPMOD IIAR who can wear two accessories at the same time).

Outside of her godly tiles, UMP45 comes with her iconic smoke grenade. At one point, smokes were among the best skills for maintanks, but with newer SMGs added to the game they're starting to show their limit. Smokes come with a very low cooldown, and the debuff from them is very powerful, enough to overshadow your usual debuffs from HGs that only pop after 6s. Enemies debuffed by a smoke are very susceptible to kiting due to their lower movespeed and RoF, and at the same time gives the tank limited facetanking power. The downside however is also apparent. Being a throwable, smoke nades may be thrown in a bad spot, especially when there are tanks or speedy frontline enemies taking the aggro. The radius, while large, is still limited, making misthrown nades appear wasteful. Her nade is also ineffective against bosses that rely more on cut-ins than regular attacks, and with the large downtime between smoke grenades, UMP45 makes for a poor tank in long battles, especially against bosses.

For an old timer, UMP45 is still doing her best. Highly Recommended.