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Speq ump exo.png

Ammo hp.png

Speq ump45.png

Main TankCrowd Control

Buffs AR
Damage +20%
Crit Rate +30%
HP 190 → 195x5
DMG 28 → 29
ACC 13 → 14
EVA 74 → 77
RoF 82 → 83
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Initial CD: 1s
CD: 16s
Smoke Grenade: Launch a smoke grenade that decreases enemy rate of fire by 40% and movement speed by 55% within a radius of 2.5 units for 4 seconds.
Mist Box: 2 seconds after smoke grenade takes effect, targets affected by the smoke grenade will be hacked every 2 seconds. Hacked targets will enter a short-circuited state, receiving 50 fixed damage every attack. Short-circuit state lasts for 5 seconds.


  • Immediate stats improvement for low cost from MOD 1


  • Mediocre and anti-synergistic MOD 2 skill
  • Neural upgrade does not change her performance nor playstyle


UMP45SMG MOD is underwhelming. Outside of the extra stats and improvement to her skill/tiles, there is not much else worth noting about her.

UMP45SMG MOD 1 provides the most significant upgrade to herself. UMP45SMG receives a tile upgrade, skill upgrade and a large amount of extra HP. The stronger tile buff and skill is always welcomed as they are her bread and butter, while the 40 extra HP bring her base stats up to par with other SMGs.

Her MOD 2 grants her an additional effect on her smoke. Enemies that are affected by this take damage whenever they fire. Unfortunately, the damage is low and the skill itself works against her own kit, which is reducing the enemies' RoF.

Her MOD 3 grants her a new costume and her special equipment. The equipment is only a minor improvement to your regular suppressor (+15 Evasion over +10 from gold suppressor). Even if the cost to enhance this suppressor is fine to most players, the cost to neural upgrade her to MOD 3 is especially overpriced for what little gain she gets.

For players who want to upgrade UMP45SMG, it is Recommended to only bring her to MOD 1 and to give the fragments to someone who is more deserving of the investment.