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Ammo hp.png


Debuffs Enemy

Buffs All
Damage +20%
Rate of Fire +16%
HP 40 → 80x5
DMG 9 → 28
ACC 8 → 71
EVA 10 → 90
RoF 33 → 52
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Precision Suppression: Decrease all enemies' accuracy by 45% for 6s.



  • Defensive skill scales worse with harder contents due to long cooldown or sure-hit attacks


Welrod MkIIHG is a 5★ defensive HG once revered as one of the most versatile HGs. Boasting strong tanking stats (for a HG), good tile buff and an Accuracy debuff, she was the designated "tank" in RFHG. However, her time in the spotlight is over with the appearance of enemies far too strong for a flimsy HG to tank alongside many anti-Evasion mechanics they bring.

Welrod MkIIHG has above average HG and Evasion for a HG. Coupled with her 45% Accuracy debuff (effectively a team-wide 81% Evasion buff), Welrod MkIIHG is capable of taking on some pressure by herself or greatly improving the survivability of another tank. Her tile buff wastes nothing on pointless stats, buffing both FP and RoF.

Unfortunately, Welrod MkIIHG is lackluster against new factions. Evasion tanking is easily bypassed by enemies such as Doppelsoldners. Being an old and outdated defensive HG, Welrod MkIIHG also has no offensive team buff to aid the team. Newer defensive HGs such as HS2000HG and Viking MOD bring both their own defensive skills and a bonus offensive team buff to help the team out. Without aiding the team directly, Welrod MkIIHG ends up being a dead-weight in battles where her Accuracy debuff is ineffective.

Although there is no doubt that Welrod MkIIHG can still be effective against older contents, new contents are constantly pushing Evasion tanking away. It is hard to justify running Welrod MkIIHG as there is little chance of Evasion tanking ever making a comeback. She is Specialist and Optional.