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Ammo hp.png


OfftankSelf-Buff FP

Buffs AR
Accuracy +25%
Rate of Fire +15%
HP 97 → 194x5
DMG 14 → 34
ACC 2 → 13
EVA 10 → 67
RoF 64 → 90
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 4s
CD: 8s
Flower Lock: For 5s upon skill activation, attacks will be directed at enemies with the lowest HP. Damage is increased the lower the enemy's HP. The damage increase multiplier is calculated at 3x the target's lost HP %.


  • Good all-rounder base stats
  • Skill is a consideration for adding more damage in killing enemy escorts in boss fights
  • Heiwari


  • Competes for the same position as SR-3MPSMG, who is more potent
  • Usage outside of her skill is not noteworthy, so careful consideration needs to be made in knowing when to use her
  • Heiwari


X95 is an SMG that debuts in the major story event Isomer.

X95 is a doll that has a skill that is markedly different from most other SMGs thus far. While at first glance, the skill puts her in the same category as other damage-focused SMGs such as SR-3MPSMG/Honey BadgerSMG (but not SMG naders like VectorSMG), the skill has a nuances that put her apart from these two.

First, the skill changes her target priority to enemies that have the lowest health. This doesn't mean that she automatically goes for the lowest health percentage wise; she goes for the enemy units with the lowest maximum health instead. This means she will be hitting the squishier backline targets rather than the relatively tankier frontline targets usually. Unfortunately, while this seems great to hit dangerous enemies such as Jaegers(!), she shouldn't be relied on to do this job. Her damage is still SMG tier and while she does get a sizeable boost when the enemy health is low, you're still trying to kill a full health (usually) backliner with this damage. This doesn't happen most of the time as she is usually the solo damage dealer at that point in time due to your ARs still being focused on whittling down the Guards/Scouts what have you.

Second, her tiles are nice. She gives relevant buffs down the line to all three backliners, which means that you have flexibility in your team lineup. RoF and Accuracy buffs are not to be underestimated, especially when dealing with evasive enemies/longer fights to keep up consistency in damage output.

The drawback to X95 is that her skill is liable in making her overkill her targets by a lot. This is due to the aforementioned effect of "ramping up" her damage the lower health her target has. This does allow her to finish off wounded targets/adds during longer fights. This is especially useful for some fights as you are guaranteed a HOC to help in AoE bombardment which softens targets up, allowing X95 to already have a trigger off the lower health for the damage bonus for the first and subsequent hits instead of from the second hit onwards.

X95 is an optional doll to raise. She is Not Recommended for players who already have a wide variety of offensive SMGs raised such as SR-3MPSMG, Honey BadgerSMG, or JS9 (in terms of tiles and similar effect). For players who wish to use X95 but do not know what type of battles she can be used in, compare her to SR-3MPSMG (who is in effect a much, much more potent version of X95 in the damage class).