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Zas M21

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Zas M21


Ammo hv.png



Buffs SMG
Evasion +15%
Rate of Fire +12%
HP 61 → 121x5
DMG 19 → 55
ACC 6 → 48
EVA 5 → 41
RoF 49 → 74
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 4s
CD: 16s
Howl of the Nightingale: Launch a grenade that deals 300% damage to enemies within a radius of 2.5 yards.

- If it hits 3 or more enemies, amplify damage against those targets from all sources by 15% for 3s.

- If it hits less than 3 enemies, increase self damage by 60% for 8s.


  • High base FP
  • Versatile skill, capable of both AoE and single target DPS
  • Low cooldown nade with short deployment time and large radius
  • Skill is based on if the targets are still alive (If hit targets are dead then it's not counted in the hit counter)
  • Zas Dragging


  • Skill depends on mobs hit (and still alive)
  • Low nade damage
  • Impractical debuff due to short duration and low multiplier
  • High skill investment (SL10)


Zas M21AR is perhaps the most well known for being the sole enabler of "Zas drags", whereby she can singlehandedly be used to powerlevel a team of 4 with simply just 1 link. But she proves to be a solid and unique nader AR excels at clearing out squishy enemies.

Unlike all other AR naders, Zas's nade has a very short initial cooldown of 4s on top of the near-instant priming animation (12 frames). Her larger nade's radius of 2.5 units allows her to clear out large waves of low-health enemies such as Dinergates/Tarantulas or bypassing the frontlines, injuring and wiping out backline threats like Jaegers effectively. As a cherry on top, Zas is able to adapt to different situations with her post-nade debuff and self-buff.

It is worth to note that her nade counts how many units got hit by the nade and survived. If her nade kills all the targets, she gains the bonus self-buff. If her nade hits 9 units but kills 7, the condition is counted as 2 enemies, thus she still gains the self-buff. This makes her even better than you would expect since this means she'll be able to blow up dinergates or low hp packs and still gain the self-buff.

As a downside, Zas's multiplier is significantly weaker than other AR naders. Although Zas is suitable against the squishy but speedy Sangvis Ferris, the other factions KCCO and Paradeus are not as flimsy. These later enemies come with significantly higher health pool, making Zas's weak nade ineffective. On top of that, even when there are situations where Zas would be effective, Airstrike Fairy and 2B14 are more than capable of fulfilling that niche without taking up a member on your echelon

Zas trades away the destructive power of her nade for deployment speed, which in turn makes her more specialised in clearing out hordes of weak enemies but unable to put a dent in tankier ones. She is recommended for early game, but Optional later on. Do keep in mind of where you field her for she is not effective in every situation.